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feet in grass grounded

Being present in a big way

empowerment gift to the world human magnetism performance the four pillars the king coach yoga Apr 05, 2022

Being 100% at home in your own skin is one of the four pillars of being empowered through the body. Without this experience, we are often not present, not quite here, distracted, and ultimately disconnected. Social anxiety rises, self-doubt or imposter syndrome creeps in and life passes by in a not quite so satisfying way.

I took one of my solo Drag King clients to the park recently for our rehearsal. It was a beautiful day and it felt good to have the grass under our feet. We talked about how energy is the currency of performance. To have energy come through you, you need to be present, meaning being here now. Not thinking about the future or ruminating on the past. But being right here now in this present moment. 

The more we can be at home in our skin, the more we can be a conduit for energy to come through us and be expressed. Think about someone who is charismatic. There are two foundational phenomenons going on in that person. Firstly, they are present, fully here now and at home in their own skin. Secondly, once you are present, you can bring your full presence. This is the presence of divine masculinity.

We stood in the park, feet apart and closed our eyes. You can do this too if you like. Visualise tree roots going down into the earth as deep as you can imagine. Now see them spreading out as wide as possible making a strong network. Breathe energy up through this network of tree roots, up through the souls of your feet and into your body. Keep going right up to the top of your head. Now picture a star up in the universe, far, far away. Visualise the light from the star streaming down through the crown of your head and into your body. After 5 minutes or so, open your eyes. Look in the mirror and hold your own gaze. Notice the difference in your eyes when you are present, when you are here now.

Here's what Choking Hazard said after our rehearsal in the park:

"Danica that was better than therapy. I feel so light and full of joy and there's less tension in my body. I feel less exhausted. Is this being grounded?"

"Yes!!" I messaged back. "It's being grounded, it's being present, it's allowing vital energy to flow through your body and your being! It's being lit up and alive! This is what life is supposed to feel like. You can have this ANY time you choose to access it. And, it never runs out. It's yours forever."

The world needs humans who are present. Only then can you give your full presence - whether that is on stage, with your lover or when being of service doing meaningful work. We need you to be here now, giving your unique self-expression.  That is the gift to the world - giving yourself fully.



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