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You can spot a Show Pony across the room. They have style & self-expression. They rise up to the light. Calling all Show Ponies! 

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Are you a Show Pony?

You’re here because you want to find out if you’re a Show Pony, right? If you’re anything like me and Lady Gaga, you live for the Applause. The difference between us and Lady Gaga however is celebrity status. Sure, you may have fantasised about that life, but what you really want is to get better with the moves – on stage and on the dance floor. You want to be the best version of your fabulous self because you were Born This Way, baby.

But let’s talk about what actually happens when you put yourself out there. The moves haven’t come naturally and you get stuck with the same step-tap that you’ve been doing since you were 14 years old. You see others up on stage or on the dance floor and you have this yearning inside to be able to do what they do.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You are already fabulous. You were just never taught how to link moves together in a way that makes sense.

It’s NOT your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you. You were never taught how to express yourself freely through movement. But I can show you how to turn this around.

Join me and a group of like-minded people who like to have fun and don't have to take themselves too seriously. After 12-weeks of rehearsals, you'll perform on stage for friends and family! Proudly supporting The Hunger Project. I can't wait to dance with you.




Rosie, Teacher

“Before working with Danica, I tried to go back to dancing, but it’s hard as an adult and I didn’t feel there was anywhere I quite fit. After working with Danica for just one session I knew I’d found somewhere great. Danica’s passion and energy inspired me to want to dance more often and pushed me to let go and be more free.”

Chris, Cafe owner

“Before I was a Show Pony I lacked confidence on the dance floor as I've always thought I was gangly. During the weekly lessons I saw how to make small changes in how I was moving with some really effective guidance from Danica who is an amazing and encouraging teacher. Now I can dance without constraint which gives me a sense of freedom at work, with strangers as well as on the dance floor!”

Shannon, Consultant

“Before Show Ponies I was embarking on a better eating journey and wanted to get active again. Could have done what I always do on my own, swim laps, walk or go to the gym. However, I wanted something fun and different and creative for a change and I definitely got that from Show Ponies classes and the performance in that funky old magical theatre!”

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