Kings of Joy

Wanna be a Drag King? Don't do it alone. Join the community of first-time Drag Kings learning how to master their Drag King personas in just 6 weeks.

Learn from the King Coach, also known as Daddy Joy and the Mother of Drag Kings, Danica Lani aka Dario di Bello est 2011.

In-person in Sydney, Australia, performing at Queers of Joy.

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Queer & Tantric

 Workshops, online courses and community. Keep up to date with what's happening in the world of Queer & Tantric.

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Free Block 13

Learn more about our LGBTQIA+ friends living in one of the world's largest refugee camps in the world in Kakuma, Kenya. 

Stuck in horrific conditions between fleeing Uganda due to persecution for their sexuality and gender, and seeking asylum in a safer country, you can make a difference in their world.

Show them they have not been forgotten.


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Kings of Joy special edition merch

Featuring artwork by Toby aka Martin Van Tasmal, @trashgirlarts. 10% of all merch goes to our LGBTQI friends living in Block 13, refugee camp, Kakuma, Kenya. 

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