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I've taken the best part of my online restorative yoga class - and it's my gift for you. Yours to keep forever.

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You want to live your best life and you're learning that your daily habits and who you surround yourself with matters. You thrive in a creative and supportive community, however, left to your own devices, self-care and self-expression give way to busyness, physical or social fatigue and Netflix. You need structure and support. Stop trying to DIY and let's do this together.

Online Yoga with Danica Lani

A regular yoga practice

Does your body not do what it used to in your 20s? Yoga is the foundation for your wellbeing and staying sane! Plus it's zero commute. Join me for up to 6 live classes a week.

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Show Ponies

Dance like everybody's watching

Unleash your inner Diva with Show Ponies! We do dance tributes to pop icons. 12-week season with a Showcase performance. Proudly supporting The Hunger Project.

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Kings of Joy

Are you a King?

Learn to master your Drag King persona. Kings of Joy caters to first-time Drag Kings or all levels. Whether you're ready to go solo or you're terrified and like the idea of a group, you're in good hands.

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Queer Tantra Same Sex Tantra

Queer & Tantric

Proven ancient tantra teachings in an environment where you can fully be yourself. Re-ignite that spark, increase your vitality. Disappear lesbian bed death. Same sex tantra and queer tantra. Be the best lover you can be.

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Why learn from me?

Hello friend, I'm Danica Lani. I'm a somatic coach who empowers people through the body.

* I have a BA - Dance

* Advanced Dip - Yoga Teacher Training

* TedX Speaker on being a gift to the world

* Founder of #dancebreak seen by 11.8 million people around the world

* Published in Inside Out: an Anthology of Australian Coming out Stories ed by Erin Shale

* Winner of All Dragged Out - first Drag King Competition. I still have the trophy.

* "Miss Fusion Pole - First place". I still have the pink sash. 

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Luke, office worker

"I'm so grateful and joyous to have yoga with Danica Lani back as part of my life! The online medium was immediately easy to get comfortable with, and I now prefer it to in-person classes. I can commit more easily to many morning classes a week, just rolling out of bed with zero commuting, to start my class with a one-click link. I'd wanted to take on an ongoing, frequent practice for years - I'm so thrilled to be finally living the experience, and all its benefits!"

Online Yoga
Becks Blake aka Jim Junkie, Director & Theatre maker

"I signed up to Kings of Joy to challenge myself but I ended up growing in confidence, community and creativity. This experience surpassed my wildest expectations. For the week after the performance I felt ecstatic. I never thought I would do anything like this but we did it!  I've made friends, found a creative outlet for my gender expression and found a community to support my gender journey."

Kings of Joy
Pan, Builder & Singer

"The Show Ponies experience rocked my world! I am a seasoned performer and assumed I knew how to move and dance above average. Danica has the skill, passion, and patience to make a donkey like me transform into a magical Show Pony. I love the whole journey, the bonding of people for a common passion, and of course performing in front of people I know and love and enthusiastic strangers. Yeehaw Show Ponies! Giddy up!"

Show Ponies
Mary, office worker

“Before joining your online yoga classes, I thought that my body was just acting age-appropriate with a few well-earned aches.

What I found out was that I just needed to take care of it in another way.

Yoga has restored and improved my overall flexibility. It’s given my body the space it needed to align back to its natural state.

Your kind and inspirational words during our practice have shifted my mindset from outcome-focused to journey focus.

I look forward to spending more time on the mat with you and the yoga gang.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity. ”

Online Yoga 
Laura Gahan

"What you don't know is that this was the first openly same sex event I had been to after 25 years of hiding. I opened up about my story  What happened after that still makes me emotional. 

One by one other women came up to me stating they had been in or are still going through the same situation and I've honestly never felt so accepted and safe. This was the first time I 100% identified with being gay/Bi in a space where no one knew otherwise. It was like I was free from judgement and confusion from other people in my life. I didn't have to explain myself and I knew that everyone there understood on that deeper level."

Same Sex Tantra
Wern Fong aka Jet Fourfingers

"Before (Kings of Joy), I did not see myself as a performer. I wondered if all the queer performers who were bold enough to live their queer selves on stage were there because they did not have the same cultural traditions that held them back. Where were all the QPOC faces? What's holding them back? What's holding ME back? 

 Our initial chat made me feel like it was possible to be up on stage one day in the future and not having a dance/theatre background wasn't going to be a barrier. It was so fun. I never found any performance that I connected with so seamlessly as being a King of Joy v3.0 on stage."

Kings of Joy

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I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land where I live, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. I pay my respects to elders past, present, and emerging.