Are you ready for online yoga with zero commute?

There are many reasons people begin or return to a yoga practice. Being able to remain active in sports and life as we age is one reason; improving your wellbeing from a holistic perspective is another, or simply having a reason to leave the desk after sitting for hours.

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Ready to feel good in your body again?

You work hard managing online life, working from home, and striving for that work/life balance. You're noticing that your body doesn't do what it did in your 20's. It would be great to be pain-free, mobile, and sleep well at night, but the hardest thing is starting again. You know moving regularly is good for you but the desk situation isn't helping. 

What you need right now is an easy and convenient way to roll out the mat having already committed yourself to a regular practice. You need to de-stress, breathe and move your body. And you need a reliable way to reset - your body and your mind to enable your productivity and focus without disrupting your workflow.

Choose from 3 online classes a week

 Restorative Yoga

Calming and soothing the nervous system is one of our best defences for being well. Moving gently through a sequence of 8 poses we complete this practice with a deeply restorative relaxation. You will feel like you’ve had the best night’s sleep.

Dynamic Hatha

This dynamic Hatha practice is designed to warm up your body and build tapas. Tapas is a fire-like internal heat that boosts your immune system and generates vitality in the body. Be guided through a series of postures to increase openness, flexibility and strength. Watch as the body naturally re-aligns itself.

General Yoga

Each week we alternate between a more restorative and a more dynamic approach to the practice.

Luke, office worker


"I'm so grateful and joyous to have yoga with Danica Lani back as part of my life! The online medium was immediately easy to get comfortable with, and I now prefer it to in-person classes. I can commit more easily to many morning classes a week, just rolling out of bed with zero commuting, to start my class with a one-click link. I'd been wanting to take on an ongoing, frequent practice for years - I'm so thrilled to be finally living the experience, and all its benefits!"

Mary, working from home

"I thought that my body was just acting age-appropriate with a few well-earned aches. What I found out was that I just needed to take care of it in another way. Yoga has restored and improved my overall flexibility, it’s given my body the space it needed to align back to its natural state. Your kind and inspirational words during our practice have shifted my mindset from outcome-focused to journey focus."

Jason Knight, videographer

"I always feel better after doing Yoga. The challenge is that I'm so time poor and stressed out, I never do it. Enter Danica Lani and her wonderful online Yoga classes. Now I do classes weekly and all I need to do is roll out my mat and jump online. Danica's classes help me disconnect from work for a while, get some energising exercise and stretching and the best part, some blissful meditation and relaxation. The classes really have made a huge difference in my working life. I highly recommend them."

Introductory offer - $15 for your first class

I know I'm not everybody's yoga teacher. Try me out! If you resonate with my teachings, then please join us.

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Yoga Treat


Top features

  • One online class a week
  • Access to audio resources
  • Bonus pre-recorded video
  • Yoga wisdom in your inbox
  • GST included

Ready for More Yoga


Most Popular

  • Any two online classes a week
  • Access to audio resources
  • Bonus pre-recorded video
  • Yoga wisdom in your inbox
  • GST included

Yoga Transformation


Top features

  • Unlimited online class per week
  • Access to audio resources
  • Bonus pre-recorded video
  • Yoga wisdom in your inbox
  • GST included

Belle, Reiki practitioner

"Since doing yoga online with Danica Lani my mind and body are in alignment and are on track.  My outcome has been to maintain a flexible spine and swift dance moves such as in the hips.

As quoted by Danica, “You are only as old as your spine is flexible” or “Shake it off” followed by a swinging of the hips (I like and do dancing too) and this always makes me feel happier and brightens up my spirits immediately."

Kathy Ozakovic, Dietician

"I always thought yoga had to be lengthy. When I learned the magic 5 only takes 5 min it was realistic to implement into my day. It changed my life. When I repeat the magic 5 twice it turns into the magic 10. Sometimes it turns into the magic 15 & 20.  

Your classes and way of teaching have helped me sleep better, calm my nervous system, improve my mood, improve digestion, lessen feelings of anxiety, cope better with responsibilities."

Julie, former dance teacher

“I had been curious about yoga for a number of years.  With online yoga, I didn't have to leave my house or be in the physical presence of others (who I thought might laugh at my inflexibility), so I tried it out and loved it! 

Danica's instruction is gentle and inspiring, encouraging and liberating!  I have learned to be gentle and kind to my body. I have a range of motion in my neck and lower back that I didn't think I could have again. I feel younger and happier than I have in a long time.”



Per class

  • 1 live yoga class
  • Yoga wisdom in your inbox

Let's go casual :)

I get it! Showing up regularly to online yoga is not a great option for you at the moment. I completely understand. Let’s not let this get in the way of me being able to support you in your yoga journey. Come casually for $25* (GST incl) per session until something changes.

The gift of a good night's sleep

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