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Kings of Joy Drag King Pajama Party Livestream of Sydney World Pride Opening Ceremony

What to wear to a Drag King pyjama party

block 13 drag king kings of joy performance Feb 09, 2023

I have a confession. I secretly want to see what Drag Kings wear as sleepwear.

So when granted the opportunity for Kings of Joy to host a live stream viewing of the Sydney WorldPride Live & Proud Opening Ceremony my mind went straight to the bedroom. I thought, 'Why stay home and watch the Sydney WorldPride Live & Proud Opening Ceremony when we can gather together as a Drag King community and watch the live stream in our pajamas?'

Kylie will be on the big screen, Charlie XCX, and our favourite, Jess Mauboy. Let's have some Kings of Joy perform, throw some popcorn around, and maybe start a pillow fight later in the night!

Thanks to the generosity of Bambuddha Group, we will be doing just that in our Kings of Joy Palace on Friday 24 Feb at The Working Kind Collective, 110 Parramatta Road, Stanmore. Cohab Catering will provide a tasty dinner. Kings of Joy is a proud recipient of a Sydney WorldPride Live & Proud: Opening Ceremony Viewing Event Grant supported by Meta. This means that all ticket sales will be going to our LGBTQIA+ friends at Block 13! Come on!

Next question, of course, is - what to wear??! Never fear, it's a chill night lounging around being entertained and enjoying the relaxed vibe. I've got you. Here are 4 genres of masc sleepwear to get your creative ideas flowing for what to wear to this Drag King pajama party.

1. The classic matching pyjama set

Featuring Frank Lee Madir, the classic matching pyjama set allows you to be fully self-expressed - anywhere from subtle to brazen. Found in cotton, cotton blends, or polyester to hold those patterns, go for bold motifs, wild stripes, or toned-down checks. Just watch those flammable tag warnings...

2. The dapper smoking jacket

Featuring Randy Rootrat, the smoking jacket is a luxurious addition to any sleepwear set. Traditionally velvet in material, the lapels are a main feature. Add a touch of romance with a long-stemmed rose. Just give me a moment while I slip into something a little more comfortable...

3. Flannel pjs with a muscle tee

Featuring Nick O. Teen, these bottoms feel like heaven when you step into them. You'll never want to take them off. Pair them with a muscle tee on top to show that you're ready for action. And of course, top it all off with a beanie and slip-ons to keep yourself warm on those cooler nights (anyone else confused about the seasons these days?).

4. Be the King you were born to be

Featuring Dario di Bello, (aka Danica Lani, the King Coach), grab a bathrobe that says #1, a lover to plant kisses all over your satin drawstring pants, and pull on some bedsocks that read 'i am awesome' when looking down at them. Own that crown King! And remember, real Kings, fix each other's crowns.

Join us on Friday 24th Feb, from 5:30 pm for performances from the Kings of Joy community and our own commentary of Live and Proud, the Opening night for Sydney WorldPride featuring Kylie, Charlie XCX, and Jess Mauboy.

Dress in your finest, sexy-ist, kookiest, or daggiest Drag King sleepwear and chill out the night before the Mardi Gras parade. 

Presented by Kings of Joy

Hosted by Jim Junkie

with your co-commentators Klit Angel and Jack of All Babes.

Fri 24th Feb, doors open 5:30 pm

Performances by Kings of Joy 6-7 pm

Ewin Trouble

Bun the Gun (Naarm)

Jim Junkie

Kings of Joy groups

Live and Proud 7-9:30 pm

Chill out until 11

* Spontaneous games throughout the night

* Drag King art exhibition by Katie Lambert aka Randy Rootrat

* Head & shoulders massage available (pay on the night) with Ewin Trouble

* Calm room

* Catering by Cohab, dinner included in ticket options

* Popcorn provided

* Wheelchair accessible

Buy tickets here

$35 including dinner

$15 not.

Feel free to bring your favourite bean bags and pillows. Kids and pets welcome.

In partnership with Bambuddha Group, The Working Kind Collective, sponsored by Young Henrys.

Proceeds from the night will go to our LGBTQI refugee friends at Block 13, Kakuma, Kenya and to the Pay It Forward program for first-time Drag Kings through Kings of Joy.

See you there!



The King Coach

Daddy Joy & the Mother of Drag Kings

P.S Photo credit by Chris aka Ewin Trouble - check out his insta for creative digital creations @ewin_trouble

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