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Top 5 reasons zero commute just makes sense for yoga

habits yoga Nov 09, 2021

Imagine. Waking up in your cloud bed to the gentle sounds of 'om' washing over you. With a smile on your face, you remember what day it is - time to join yoga. You roll over, place your feet on the floor and there's your yoga gear folded and ready for you to put on. What? Oh! Your past self did that for your future self. How nice!

Pulling on your clothes, you pad gently out to the living room and look! There's your yoga mat already rolled out. Thank you past self! So kind.

You rub your eyes, take a sip of water as you wait for your device to power up. Click, joining with a one-click link, you are now in your live yoga class, ready to begin. In just under an hour, you know you'll feel relaxed, energised, and ready for your day.

That's what zero commute gives you. Do even remember what it was like to commute for a 1-hour yoga class?

Remember. Waking up to a jolt to the incessant beeping of your alarm. You fumble for your phone and press snooze. And again. And again. Finally, when you can prise one eyelid open, you check the time. Shoot! I'm late! You jump up, rush through the shower, madly throw clothes around as you find the right underwear to wear under your yoga tights, spritz yourself with essential oils and run out the door. Oh no! You forgot your mat. If you don't run now, you'll miss the train...

Racing down the street, you're attempting two steps at a time as you hear the train pulling in. You make it, in a crazy leap of faith, just as the doors are closing. Jostling through the carriage, avoiding eye contact, you find a seat. You know you're sweaty, your hair is a mess and you can't find your water bottle. 

Now there's a queue at the yoga studio... you tap your fingers nervously on your mat as you hug it close to your chest - please let there be a spot for me, you pray to the yoga gods. 

An hour later you re-emerge, stress-free and smiling. But now the commute back - somebody starts a fight in the carriage and all of your stress pours back in. What was I thinking?

Whether in lockdown or out of lockdown, zero commute for a yoga session, just makes sense. Keep your stress levels, sweatiness, and risk-taking for something that really matters. Protect your yoga with as much ease and less stress around it.

The top 5 reasons zero commute just makes sense:

1. Fewer obstacles to showing up to your yoga practice

All that energy you put into finding the right seam-free underwear, working out the best route and timing, negotiating being in public, can be saved for living your best life. Make it easy for yourself to roll out the mat and show up to your practice

2. Saves time

This is a clear winner. Calculate the amount of time you would be spending on the commute to a yoga class. What could you do with all of that extra time and what kind of morning could you have? Here's a few ideas waking up slowly, relaxing, pampering, having sex, eating a delicious and nutritious breakfast, enjoying time with your family (human kids or furry kids) or partner, diffusing some essential oils - yum!

3. Saves carbon emissions

Did you notice the wildlife coming back during lockdown? Dolphins in the canal, birds in the trees. Why? Because we humans weren't out in our cars polluting the air!

4. Do more yoga!

Did you ever dream of being one of those yogis who goes to 6 classes a week? And has the body and shiny spirit to show for it? With such a busy schedule, how can we fit that in? Take out the commute, and you can show up online and get it done.

5. You don't need to leave the comfort of your home

The online world has made things so workable and easy that we no longer have to "get out of our comfort zone" or be inconvenienced by leaving our home. Stay in the ease and comfort of your home and connect with others from there. Let it be easy!

Bonus reason!

And lastly, a bonus reason - you can join the yoga teacher you resonate with even if you are in different states - or different countries! No more commuting to get to their classes.


So whether you're in lockdown - or out of it - zero commute for a regular yoga practice, just makes sense.





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Photo by Maryjoy Caballero on Unsplash

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