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Menopause, Marriage & Motherhood podcast with Karen O'Connor

block 13 gift to the world human family kings of joy lgbtqia+ media queer queers of joy show ponies somatic coach Dec 23, 2021

Karen O'Connor is one of those people who has an infectious smile and is a joy to be around.  Not only is she the host of the podcast Menopause, Marriage & Motherhood, but she also has an insatiable curiosity and cares deeply about people. She asked to interview me after hearing me share about Block 13's performance at the online Queers of Joy show. We cover topics such as endometriosis and dealing with chronic pain, the joy of Kings of Joy, being a gift to the world and we delve into some of the harder conversations about discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people and the insidiousness of racism.

If you'd like to contribute to our LGBTQIA+ refugee friends, Lucretia, Fahad, Festo and the community, here's the link to give:

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