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Kings of Joy Drag King group performance

Find a place to belong, not fit in

drag kings of joy lgbtqia+ performance the king coach Oct 27, 2022
Photo credit: Sarah Malone

"[Kings of Joy] has been an incredible experience. It's been amazing to be in my body in a way that you don't often get to be. Especially because I'm in the middle of going home to tell my parents... that I identify as queer. I'm not out to them yet. So it's been a really amazing experience to be with other people sharing that. It's been such a safe place to belong rather than fit in. If you feel that and you resonate with that, I'd say do it. Sign up and try Kings of Joy, and see if you can find a place to belong rather than fit in." - One of our newest Kings of Joy

These Kings of Joy X 'Superpower' have been on a journey together over the last 6-weeks that has only just begun. Just today, one of them reached out in the WhatsApp group to ask for advice about a social situation and was flooded with love, support, and some valuable insights. Kings that tape together, really do stay together.

Daddy Mack says, "Last Kings of Joy, I came along on a date. I'd had a few drinks. And I mentioned that one day I'd love to perform but that day was not today or for many years. My date convinced me to not so soberly sign up on the way out for the next session. And I thought okay, I'll do it. But I won't perform at the end. I'll just do the practice behind the scenes.

And as soon as I met this incredible group of Kings, it was such a beautiful safe space. The reason I did it was for healing. I did it to get into my body, which is not a space, I spend a lot of time in #trauma. And to take up more space and unleash something that I've masked for so many years. It was terrifying. But this is possibly the best thing I've done in such... [tearing up... cheers...]

A massive shout out to Chris and Danica because it has been such a beautiful, safe space for myself and someone else in the group who has a disability. We were both quite worried about what that would mean for us. And if we'd be able to actually do it, we were both fearful of that. But I think the space has been so beautiful. So if you're thinking about doing it, just do it."

The performance of 'Superpower' by Adam Lambert is a song about reclaiming your power in the face of haters and naysayers and was a meaningful anthem for our individual and collective experience of being queer in the world. But behind the scenes and all of the work leading up to the performance is what the audience doesn't see. Groups often start off as a bunch of slightly nervous individuals and develop an incredible bond together. When you have this shared experience, it's something you never get over. The victory, and exhilaration of performing on stage for the first time as a Drag King at Queers of Joy and knowing that you're not alone because you have your Drag King crew with you every step of the way.

If you are seeking a place to belong and not just fit in, sign up to the waiting list and start your Drag King journey. You never know what friendships, bromances, romances, gender expression, community, and belonging you might experience.



P.S Kings of Joy Gold Stars is a 6-week pay-it-forward program with Kings paying for future Kings if they are in a position to do so at the end of their experience. If you can support a future King and pay it forward for them, click here to contribute.

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