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Drag Kingdom: The Largest Ongoing Drag King Show on Earth

drag king drag kingdom kings of joy Jun 24, 2024

What do you get when you take 35 Drag Kings from the Kings of Joy community and give them a stage? As much fun as you can have with your clothes on…

Drag Kingdom is the largest ongoing Drag King show in the world. Held only twice a year in Sydney’s funky theatre, The Red Rattler, it brings together the Kings who have been through the Kings of Joy program for first-time Drag Kings. 

Get ready for a night that will leave you cheering, swooning and questioning your own gender and sexuality… (You’re welcome.)

Drag Kingdom - The Pride Edition

Thurs 27June, 7 pm

The Red Rattler, Marrickville

Tickets are selling fast - grab yours here

Kings of Joy is a community initiative that gives first-time Drag Kings a group to perform in. Participants go through 6 weeks of training with The King Coach, Danica Lani.  They make their debut performance on stage at Queers of Joy. The values of Kings of Joy include anti-racism, non-toxic masculinity, and gender diversity.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the Kings of Joy? Some of them are content having ticked ‘Be a Drag King’ off their bucket list. Some want to continue - but not without their boi band crew. And some of them are hooked and have become well-loved, household names in the Australian Drag King scene.

Let’s meet the many faces of the Kings of Joy!

The King Coach

That’s me! Danica Lani aka Dario di Bello est. 2011. I’m also known as Daddy Joy and the Mother of Drag Kings. I’ve coached, choreographed and mentored 111 first-time Drag Kings through Kings of Joy since December 2020.

My business exists to serve the LGBTQIA+ community and to empower us to feel good in the body by exploring gender, sexuality and performance so that we can be 100% at home in our own skin.

Your Hosts…


 Chase Cocks and Jim Junkie

Chase Cocks has been in it from the beginning and is the reason we are all here. By day, they are true to their name. By night, Chris McAllister aka Chase Cocks is the founder of Queers of Joy which houses the Kings of Joy Gold Stars, for first-time Drag Kings.

What they have to say about Kings of Joy:

“Danica is so supportive and knowledgeable. She covers so much and you don’t realise how much you are growing until you get to the end and you’re transformed in confidence and self-expression!

Jim Junkie was the very first King of Joy who performed with his Gold Stars crew in Dec 2020. Our favourite fitness influencer has been dreaming up vision boards and kicking goals since then. Winner in two categories as first-time Drag King and Overall Winner at Heaps Gay’s King of Kings, he has also delivered a one-hour, one-person show as an Artist Resident of Brand X Theatre. What a legend.

What Jim says about Kings of Joy:

“Kings of Joy has been an absolute JOY! Danica has been an incredible coach, supporter and mentor to me and many other kings. It doesn’t stop after the show. You are connected to a community of incredible individuals with unique talents and gender expression.”

Kings of Joy groups

24K Magic

Our newest Kings of Joy, fresh from their debut performance at Queers of Joy only 2 weeks ago.

When the Glam Squad are called, they answer like they are #blessed. Their secret? They know we ain’t ready for them.

L to R: Tuey the Pink, Chris Cross, Housolad Inner West, TEA BOI, Roman Undercovers

That’s What I Want

Cowboys dream under the stars about their fantasy hubbies and share their passions around the campfire. #NMIMT

L to R: Earl Gaye, Mr. Jones, Cyber Prince, Brock Lee, Po Trancey, Max’d Out, Cherry Packer, Frank Lee Madir, Hank. (And Just Jed, not pictured)

Jalebi Baby

A group of friends interrupts a card game to discover the true meaning of Jalebi - as used by Indian queer women to other queer women. Suddenly, their friends look edible.

L to R: Aashiq Singh, Craig Beat, Dommy D, Po Trancey, Lalo Land.

The Kings of Joy All-Stars

Baby One More Time…

Everybody has a secret in High School. In true tortured teen style, these brave souls confess their queer crushes.

L to R: Chase Cocks, Dustin le Rugrat, Bad Boy Cameo, Cherry Packer.

Our Kings of Joy performing solo…

Dildo Baggins

From first-time Drag King to backup King, Dildo Baggins is now ready to claim the stage as his own. With his debut solo expressing a love of bathwater, he draws inspiration from Saltburn’s sexually provocative expressive bath scene.

“I have wanted to be a Drag King ever since I saw Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone in 2010, but never had any idea where to start. Then I went to watch two of my friends perform in one of the first Kings Of Joy groups, saw how fabulous the kings were and how much fun they were having and knew I had to sign up for Danica's Kings of Joy program; granted It took me a couple of years to get around to it, but I'm so glad I did.

Danica really cares about creating an inclusive space for all newbie Kings. I felt valued and seen and made new community connections. Additionally, having a creative outlet for masculine expression has been pivotal to my personal gender journey. 

I have a bunch of kooky concepts for future drag performances bouncing around in my brain, but executing them can be overwhelming. So, having a Drag Father like Danica to help with this process (particularly with choreo) alleviates so much anxiety and legwork, making it possible to bring ideas to life. As someone who does not work in any kind of creative field, I am so grateful to have this creative outlet and the support of Danica and the Kings of Joy Community.”

Dildo Baggins

Brad Armpitt

You can’t help being as amazing as Brad Arm Pitt, when you are Brad Armpitt. Exploring the blessing and the curse of being himself, this exploration of a Gen X man becoming woke will leave you um… inspired.

“Yeah, I'm not known for my dancing but I thought I did really fucking awesome.”

Brad Armpitt

“My experience of Kings of Joy was amazing. It was just a really fun thing to do. At first, I wasn't sure if I should do it and I was trying to get some friends to do it with me. Then my friend couldn't even do it because of COVID in the end and I had to do it by myself! But I feel just free, you know, which is great.” - Kaz

Frank Lee Madir

Frankly my dear, you don't want to miss this King of Joy in a solo about a man and his desire to break free. Filled with affection and a true gentleman.

“Kings of Joy has been incredible. I was here 6 weeks ago and saw other incredible people up here. And I thought, oh wow, I really haven't been exploring my gender for a while. I've been living this whole life. And why? Why am I doing that? 

So here I am. And it's really special. Not only are you putting together something with other great people - a dance and a persona but there's a lot of thoughts involved. *Gestures to body*

I'm probably one and a half times the size and the squish of when I last was really involved in performance and queer stuff and it makes a difference to some (people). And I thought it didn't make a difference to me but it makes a different difference. And there are things to reclaim and there are things to sort out. [Cheers from the audience] 

It's wonderful. I feel really comfortable up here in front of you. And I think I will continue to feel comfortable back in life again.”

Frank Lee Madir, onstage Queers of Joy 2nd birthday

Bad Boy Cameo

Back with a brand new Drag King persona, Bad Boy Cameo is ready to give you his all. An ever-auditioning actor, following in the footsteps of Hugh Jackman, let him transport you into the underbelly of the 7 Deadly Sins. Brave choice.

“End of March, I was sitting on the Gold Coast beach and I declared two things. That I wanted to find my queer community and I wanted to be a Drag King. I came back to Sydney and fuck me - Kings of Joy came into my Insta feed and I just couldn't believe it. it's been the most incredible support - I've got my best bros for life. If you ever have any desire to explore your masc, and to find awesome people in your life, sign up to Kings of Joy. Thank you. It saved my life.”

Bad Boy Cameo


Our lovable larrikin Rainbowgan is back giving us a sneak peek into a day in the life. Who’s life? HIS life. With an early morning surf, complete with a traditional surfing breakfast and catching that dream wave. Will he also catch his dream woman?

"Danica has this amazing ability to make people feel so open and true to themselves, which is a rare quality in a coach!! I was able to learn not only new steps to my routine, but the hot tips that I got will stick with me for any future routines I might have! Thanks for putting everything into bite-sized pieces I could take home and practice.”

- Lara aka Rainbowgan

Hank E. Panky

Joining the Kings of Joy reunion from tropical Cairns, Hank has been an integral part of the Kings of Joy community. Join him on a gender-bending journey rich with art, passion and beauty.

“I’ve always honoured the masculine in me, but usually in quiet, internal and somewhat insular ways, so it was refreshing to be so flamboyant about the unquestionable duality of who I am… embracing my inner Hank was so freeing and joyful. 

The benefits of Kings of Joy were multifaceted, but to be reductive, movement…just having the opportunity to move to music, to use purely the body to express a tiny part of the authentic self…Made some lovely connections to the community which I otherwise would not have had. Thanks Danica, people like you are the reason why arts exist in queer spaces, your dedication can’t be understated.”

- Natalie aka Hank E. Panky

Special appearances

Girlz II Men

Looking for heartbreaking boyband vibes? Get ready for these handsome Kings to steal the stage and your hearts. Join them on a gender journey from Girlz to Men as they say Bye, Bye, Bye to the past and step into a bright future.

L to R: Jim Junkie, Maggot Banks, Mr Jones, Chase Cocks, Fine China, Bob’s Bulges, Max’d Out

Come meet the many faces of Drag Kingdom on Thursday 27 June at The Red Rattler, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia. If cost is a barrier, contact me - no one turned away due to lack of funds. 10% of all proceeds go to our LGBT refugee friends living in Kakuma, Kenya at Block 13. All other proceeds go back into the Kings of Joy Pay It Forward program allowing future Kings to participate.

This night will blow your socks off. Don’t wait. Grab your ticket now.



The King Coach

P.S. Wanna be a Drag King? Find out more about the Kings of Joy here.

P.P.S. Pay it forward for a future King to do the Kings of Joy Gold Star program: Click here.

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