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Kings of Joy All-Stars first time drag kings & The Working Kind Collective

When Kindness Works: a new partnership

kings of joy lgbtqia+ the king coach Nov 29, 2022

I'm standing in the events space at the back of The Working Kind Collective and the founder of Bambuddha Group, Anna Sheppard is waving her hand enthusiastically towards the wall which will soon have mirrors installed for our new rehearsal and workshop space for Kings of Joy. She turns to me and says, "What do you think?" I don't hold back the tears. After a year and a half of dealing with some exceptional business challenges in the background, to have someone step forward and offer their practical support and an entire space to call our new home is a generous move that evokes a lot of emotion.

I'm reminded of those acts of kindness humans do for one another that make an incredible difference in the moment. Like when my Dad is counselling me after a 7-year relationship break-up in a cafe (another moment of public tears) and we get up to pay for our coffees, only to be told that the woman sitting across from us had paid for them before she left. These are the moments I want to remember and savour when I look back at my life. Moments that restore one's faith in humanity.

Today I am thrilled to announce the partnership with The Working Kind Collective and to celebrate we held a 'Palace Warming' for the Kings of Joy community. What a joy to use the space, bring the community together and watch some videos from our last Drag Kingdom performances.

The Working Kind Collective was born from a dream to have a community space for the Bambuddha Group team to work at, and for like-minded businesses who are making impact in the world. they are a social enterprise providing professional coaching, education and programs for leaders committed to creating social impact in their organisation. Programs provide access to a Kindness Curriculum that offers industry-leading coaches, executive education, and many resources to embed sustainable change and kinder practices for people, customers, community and environment. They have created The Working Kind Collective to fulfil on their vision: 

We believe in a future where every leader is committed to creating a sustainable world of equality and opportunity for everyone. 

In the past 2 years, Bambuddha Group has provided $500k in program scholarships to business leaders and owners. They have also won multiple awards for work in this space, including being recognised as one of the ” Top 10 Leadership Development Training and Coaching Companies 2021 in APAC”, Top 50 leading light for APAC, Top 50 most impactful LinkedIn Influencers and were recently finalists for 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards for Accelerating Women. Bambuddha Group are also Stevie award winners.

So what happens when you take a community initiative like Kings of Joy with values of joy, uplifting and community and pair it with The Working Kind Collective born from social enterprise, Bambuddha Group with values of kindness, mutuality and optimism? A kinder world, that's what!

Come play in a world where kindness is the currency and see what opens up.




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