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Kings of Joy first time Drag Kings

Whatchya packin'?

drag king kings of joy performance queers of joy the king coach Mar 02, 2023

What do you get when you put 6 first-time Drag Kings together on stage with some synchronised moves and secret packing? A consciousness-raising men's group of course!

Our newest Kings of Joy XII Gold Stars made their debut at Queers of Joy last Thursday 23 Feb at the Red Rattler to an enthusiastic crowd. We started the 6 weeks with a group brainstorm of songs to perform to and Gen aka Jack Hammer put forward a cracker.

It's often a risk going with an unknown song, but this one is queer underground music at its best. Fhat is an interracial duo born from friendship and define themselves as a beacon of positivity and realness. Fresh from New York, signed to UMS, they embody R&B/Soul and pop in a funkalicious way in their 2019 track, Packin'.

What are you packing? It's the dream question for any Drag King group. These bois had gone for coffee after their regular men's group meeting held at Donny Vulvalikovic's basement - well, his mother's basement. It's a temporary thing. Best mate, Pony Boy was there, flicking through the job's section for actors, fresh out of work following the success of 21 Pump St. Apparently, ShaMAN, the spiritual powerhouse of the group had raised the topic of homoeroticism that day and Beau was keen to discuss it further down at the cafe. (That's Mr. Ghan). BJ Shuvit, always cool, always collected, always with skateboard at least in hand, made his entrance and by then it was all on for young and old - who is packing what?

In the final reveal, we get to see who has packed and with what they have packed! An endearing, yet unlikely collection of fellas show us the true meaning of masculine expression, homoeroticism and male bonding.

Featuring L to R:

(Danica Lani The King Coach)

BJ Shuvit

Mr. Beau Ghan

Pony Boy


Donny Vulvalikovic

Jack Hammer


Congratulations bois on an incredible, high-energy, hawt debut as Drag Kings! Can't wait to see what happens next.



The King Coach, Daddy Joy, Mother of Drag Kings

P.S This now makes 78 first-time Drag Kings I've coached, choreographed and produced since Dec 2020. If you wanna be a Drag King, put your name on the waiting list.

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