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Drag King Signature Moves, Unique Persona Poses, Memorable Performance Gestures, Creating Iconic Dance Moves

The Magic of Signature Moves in Drag King Performances

choreography drag king kings of joy May 17, 2024

Movement begins in utero as our body develops and takes form. It’s only later when we are on the dancefloor as a teenager that we become conscious of our ‘dance’ moves. In fact the word ‘dance’ can trigger us right back to that dancefloor moment. Maybe someone pointed at us or nudged their friend to snigger together about our dance moves.

So let’s move on from our teen years and into our adult. As an adult, we have developed a set of movements that include our gait, gestures and those go-to dance moves we bust out occasionally.

Consider that your Drag King persona also has a set of movements. Have you thought about them? Have you tried any of them out in the mirror?

When you have a set of movements for your Drag King persona they will become recognisable as him. These moves are unique to your persona and are not your everyday gestures. Let’s call them your signature moves.  

The Power of Signature Moves

Have you ever wondered why certain performances stick in your mind, while others fade away? 

Signature moves are your calling card, your brand—the thing that makes your Drag King persona unique. A signature move can be a pose, a distinctive strut, a stand out outlip-sync style, or a particular way of interacting with the audience. It's the move that fans look forward to, the move that gets the crowd cheering, the move that sets you apart from the rest.

Start with your walk. How does your Drag King persona walk? Does he lead with his chest, his chin or his… erm, knees? 

Practice walking a safe distance behind a man on the street and see if you can get the rhythm of his walk. Notice how his arms swing. What part of the body does he lead with? Does he bounce or slide along?

Once you have found your strut, shuffle or swagger, keep this walk consistent.

Creating Your Signature Moves

So, how do you create a move that is uniquely yours?

Consider, that movement is a language and dance is simply a vocabulary. And just like learning a new language, you can add new moves to your vocabulary. It’s about experimenting with different movements and embodying the ones that resonate.

Aim to create 8 signature poses. How does he stand when he’s waiting? When he’s excited? When he’s heartbroken? When he’s in front of a camera?

Spend some time in front of the mirror practicing different poses. Notice the shapes. Avoid unintentionally covering your face. 

If you get stuck, google some images or create a Pinterest board filled with masc moves.

Don't rush the process. Give yourself the freedom to experiment, learn, and experiment again. 

Integrating Your Signature Moves into Your Performance

Now that you have your signature moves, how do you incorporate it into your performance seamlessly?

The key to integrating your signature move into your performance is timing. It should make sense in the context of your performance and not feel forced.

Practice your performance with your signature moves. See how it fits into the flow of your routine.

Keep it fresh. A couple of repetitions of your signature move can make an audience feel safe in the familiar. But too often can result in boredom.

Play with it. This is a fun experiment.

And remember, nailing your signature moves can elevate your performance. They make you memorable and allow you to express your unique character. The process of creating your signature moves is a journey of self-discovery. 

So embrace the process, experiment, and most importantly, have fun. 


Danica Lani

The King Coach

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