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The energy source that never runs out

empowerment human magnetism performance queer tantra yoga Mar 08, 2022

Where does energy come from? Where does our vitality come from? Rather than thinking of energy as a limited supply that we each individually get, try on imagining energy as an unlimited supply that never runs out. Picture it coming from a source bigger than yourself, from life itself, from the universe. When we alter our perspective about where energy comes from, then we start to expect different levels of vitality in the body. Experiencing an infinite supply of energy beyond your own personal reserves means you can draw on this energetic supply at any time, without using it all up.

If you are someone who is committed to a certain quality of life and you want to feel good in your body, then energy will give you a great life. If you are someone who is committed to making a difference, then energy will empower your actions and help make them sustainable.

If you are a performer, then energy is integral. On stage, energy is our currency. It matters more than a perfected technique or a perfect routine. Energy is what has the audience connect with us and be moved by our performance. Energy is how we communicate through movement.

When I had chronic fatigue, I thought I had run out of my personal supply of energy. And I had. But I gradually learned to tap into something bigger than myself, a source of energy beyond my physical experience. How did I do this?

1. Accept the possibility that the universe is infinite in its supply of energy. The good news is that when we tap into something bigger than ourselves, a source of energy beyond us, it won't run out. It won't leave us high and dry. It's never going anywhere. And if this supply of energy is unlimited, you're not robbing someone else of their fair share either. There is enough to go around. 

2. Practice yoga. In yoga, we acknowledge the physical body and we also acknowledge the energetic body. The energetic body sits about 5 centimeters outside of the physical body.  By moving the physical body through yoga sequences, we activate the energetic body and revitalise it.

3. Sit and observe your breath. Meditation is the practice of sitting and quietening the mind. Being able to sit in stillness and allow your attention to shift from the physical realm of the body and the room you are in, to something bigger and beyond, frees you from the experience of pains and niggles in the physical body. Free from the experience of being in a physical body, we are able to tap into an energetic source. 

4. Visualisation. Take a strong stance with your feet apart. Close your eyes. Imagine tree roots growing out from your feet, bursting through the floor, and finding the earth. They grow down, down, down into the earth. Picture drawing energy up through these tree roots and into your body. It can help to imagine this energy as a golden light. Next, place your attention on the top of your head. Imagine a lotus flower sitting on the top of your head which starts to open as the golden light from the farthest star in the universe streams down through the lotus flower, through the top of your head into your body. Allow the energy to fill up your body.

5. Participate. When we participate in life, we receive more vitality. It can seem counterintuitive. It seems like that if we are depleted, we should rest and stay home, not jump up and go on an adventure. And sometimes resting is appropriate and the next indicated action to take. Participation doesn't have to mean high kicks and lunges around the room. (*Note to self.) You can participate fully in a nap. It's about giving yourself fully to whatever you're up to in that moment. When we participate in life, we increase our vitality. It's like a built-in reward.

Experiment. Give yourself fully to life in each moment. Track your vitality throughout the day on a scale of 0-10. Notice any fluctuations. And notice any time you went beyond where you would normally stop in giving yourself fully. It will be its own reward.



P.S. If you're in a queer relationship or you want to be, discover the number one problem that keeps queer, lesbian & non-binary couples from having a fulfilling sex life here. This will increase your vitality and energy tenfold.

If you're in need of physical rest or you're having broken sleep - do this instead. After 20 minutes you will feel revitalised and rejuvenated. Participate fully in rest here.

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