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Queer Culture at its Finest: The Kings of Joy Meets Qtopia Museum

drag king kings of joy lgbtqia+ performance queer queers of joy the king coach May 19, 2023

Qtopia Sydney is Australia’s first dedicated Queer Museum. Imagine walking into a Queer Museum designed for education, memory and celebration. In 5 years' time, school groups and groups of colleagues will bustle through learning about our unique and diverse LGBTQIA+ histories. There will be a thriving entertainment venue with a cafe/theatrette providing educational talks during the day and artistic performances by Queer artists during the evening. This museum will be on the map of all major Sydney tourist brochures. 

Qtopia’s origin story fulfils on the dream of the late Professor David Cooper who established one of Australia’s first HIV cohort studies 40 years ago. Ignoring public and institutional pressure, he gently told his first HIV patient, “We won’t let you die alone.”  

According to David Polson, the Chair who is instrumental in making this dream a reality, David Cooper was one of the world’s greatest HIV/AIDS researchers, scientists, a compassionate, caring physician, and a great humanitarian. David Cooper’s vision included a space to honour those people impacted by HIV/AIDS and those who cared and supported those suffering with HIV/AIDS.  It will be a place celebrating the great love and care shown by the Queer community during the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

After a wildly successful WorldPride exhibition, Qtopia Sydney Hub is back beginning on 24 May with a new exhibit curated by Liz Bradshaw & Jacqui North. In celebrating our unique contributions to queer culture, The Kings of Joy have been asked to be part of this exhibition at The Bandstand exhibition space. Featuring the costumes of two of our Kings of Joy, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with Jim Junkie’s armpits and Dumblewhore’s codpiece. There will also be a looping video showcasing some of our Kings of Joy performances and on-stage interviews. 

Here it is! But before I show you, please, make sure you get down to Qtopia Sydney Hub at The Band Stand in Green Park, 301 Victoria St, Darlinghurst - opposite St Vincents. And keep an eye out for some live performances as well…

Qtopia Sydney Hub – Curated by Jacqui North & Liz Bradshaw

The Bandstand exhibition space Qtopia Sydney Hub is a gathering place that presents queer histories and contemporary queer culture in context and introduces Qtopia Sydney’s vision of a future Sydney LGBTQI+ Museum. Its images and stories invite identification, reflection, and participation: they celebrate those who fought for our rights, the history and activism of Mardi Gras since 1978, the old glamour and excitement of Oxford Street and Kings Cross, the evolution of our communities; and, not least, the voices and exuberance of a new generation. 

A Queer Museum for Sydney is a vision whose time has come: Join us! 

Here is queer culture at it’s finest… The Kings of Joy!


Danica Lani  0:04  

If you are anything like me you have fallen in love with being a Drag King. Yes! Or the idea of being a Drag King. And more than that you love your queer crew. Being part of the Drag King community has filled the gap that you didn't realize was missing in your life.

[Music: Kings of Joy Introduction on Zoom]

[Insta Reel: Kings of Joy are groups of first time Drag Kings. After 6 weeks the Kings perform as a group at Queers of Joy. Last week we had a showcase of all the groups so far. Watch this space for more Kings of Joy events! Or how to be a Drag King yourself!]

[Kings of Joy XII: Pony Boy, Donny Vulvalikovic, Jack Hammer, Mr.Beau Ghan, ShaMan, BJ Shuvit. MUSIC: Packin’ FHAT.]

[Kings of Joy V: Slaychuan Peppa, John Howhard, JSTARR, Night Shift, Dommy D, Choking Hazard, NOBB DYLAN. MUSIC: I like Boys Todrick Hall.]

Danica Lani  2:23  

Dommy D. Oh my god! Who loves Dommy D? Tell us a little bit about Dommy D. 

Dommy D  2:43  

Dommy D aka Dommy Darling. Dominating. Confident. Just fucking hot you know... That's all bro.

Danica Lani  2:47  

So hot Dommy D. You're awesome. Well done.

Danica Lani  3:04  

You. What's your name mate?

Night Shift  3:12  

I'm Night Shift.

Danica Lani  3:13  

Night Shift!

Danica Lani  3:18  

Did you know you have a couple of fans in the audience?

Night Shift  3:20  

There's a girl I've got a bit of a crush on. Her name's Bella.

Danica Lani  3:20  


Night Shift  3:20  

Yeah Bella.

Danica Lani  3:22  

Have we got a Bella here? Yes, Bella! Hi! So are you here with a workmate?

Night Shift  3:41  

Yeah yeah my mate JSTARR who I - yeah, he's just so great. I really like JSTARR. I just like hanging out with him all the time. I'm not gay though. I just really like hanging out with him all the time.

Danica Lani  3:57  

Is he here as well? JSTARR.

Danica Lani  3:57  

It looks like JSTARR has come straight from work. You've still got your um... Site Supervisor here is it?

JSTARR  4:17  

I'm not only the Foreman, I'm the Site Supervisor. Night Shift's my little buddy here. I'm training him up. Hey...

Danica Lani  4:39  


Danica Lani  4:43  

There is something I want to know. What was it like being in a flashmob like that? Did you know that was gonna happen? You must have known because you came out and did the moves. What was that all about? 

JSTARR  4:52  

Look, I'm just pretty perceptive, like... I just intuitively, like, joined in, you know. It was just... I saw what was going on and I thought, Night Shift, let's get in that.

Danica Lani  5:03  

That was amazing. I mean, I just wanted to get my camera out and start filming the flashmob! And so who, who...? You started the flashmob. Slaychuan Peppa. 

Danica Lani  5:03  

Tell us a little bit about you. Why did you do this flashmob? What was that all about? 

Slaychuan Peppa  5:31  

So I came out tonight... Hey Mum!

Danica Lani  5:38  

Hey Mum! Where's  Mum?

Slaychuan Peppa  5:39  

Out the back there somewhere.

Danica Lani  5:43  

Hey Mum! Awesome. And how do you think your Mum will feel about your coming out flashmob?

Slaychuan Peppa  5:47  

l think she'll feel numbingly hot right now.

5:50 [Kings of Joy V: Slaychuan Peppa, John Howhard, JSTARR, Night Shift, Dommy D, Choking Hazard, NOBB DYLAN. MUSIC: I like Boys Todrick Hall.]

Danica Lani  6:00  

You magnificent creature! Come forth, tell us. Who are you?

Dumblewhore  6:40  

I am Dumblewhore.

Danica Lani  6:47  

Anything you want to reveal to us? Have you got a reveal for us? 

Dumblewhore  6:53  

Oh, I do. [Costume reveal]

Danica Lani  7:00  

That is a true Dumblewhore right there.

7:02 [Kings of Joy VIII: Goondiwindi Jones, Mario Maverick, Dorian Gay, Hugh F. Bewdy, Lord Quill III, Hank. [MUSIC: Blinding Lights The Weeknd]

[Kings of Joy X: Bear Back, Sid Salacious, Bo Radley, Henry Poldark, Earl Gaye, Daddy Mack, Joe Daddy. MUSIC: Superpower Adam Lambert.

Danica Lani  8:01  

This is the first time we've had trans femme women in our group, leaning into their masculine. Please step forward.

Danica Lani  8:13  

You two lovebirds. What's it been like being in Kings of Joy? What's the experience like? Leaning into the masculine?

Klit Angel  8:18  

It has been so amazing to reclaim my masculinity on my terms. To not be ashamed. Because who doesn't dig a hot chick with daddy vibes?

Danica Lani  8:38  


Danica Lani  8:39  

And what about for you Boy Division?

Boy Division  8:43  

I had 20 years of feeling like gender was just kicking me in the neck. So I finally decided to make gender my bitch. And, I couldn't have done it without the incredible Danica and the rest of the Kings of Joy!

[Kings of Joy VI: Christian Values, David Blowie, Maggot Banks, Martin van Tasmal, Kaizer, Max Mews the Ultimate Cat Daddy, One Bucket Bob. Music: I Believe in a Thing Called Love The Darkness.]

Maggot Banks  8:57  

Hi my name's Maggot Banks.

Danica Lani  10:03  

Maggot Banks. Wow. Amazing. And what's your story? 

Maggot Banks  10:09  

So I came here for the meat, but I stayed for the lads.

Danica Lani  10:14  

Love that. And tell me, where the hell were we here?

David Blowie  10:24  

You're in my record store.

Danica Lani  10:29  

And what's your name? 

David Blowie  10:31  

David Blowie.

Danica Lani  10:36  

Oh my god. Come up, come up, come up. Who are these people here? What are you wearing? Oh my god. This is a moment. This is a moment. David Blowie.

Danica Lani  11:00  

David Blowie comes with fans.

Danica Lani  11:04  

Wow. I don't think that's ever happened before with the Kings of Joy. Amazing. Come up to the front my friend.

Danica Lani  11:16  

What's your name?

Martin van Tasmal  11:16  

My name is Martin van Tasmal. Otherwise known as the Holder of the Rose Quartz Cock; Gelfing of the Moving Castle; Failed Out of Hogwarts for Coming Out as Trans and I'm fucking here because JK Rowling won't let me bag.

Danica Lani  11:34  


Kaizer  11:34  

...schatz [darling]

Danica Lani  11:44  

Schatz, ja! Sprachen de deutsch? [Darling, yes! Do you speak German?]

Kaizer  11:48  

Ein bisschen [A bit]

Danica Lani  11:53  

Tell us your name.

Kaizer  11:54  

Entschuldigung [excuse me]. My name. Kaizer.

Danica Lani  12:01  

And what is your story? What were you doing in a record store and what the hell just happened here?

Kaizer  12:05  

Ja, I'm not really sure. I stumbled out of a dark room in Berlin and I wound up here. And I thought oh, this is looking good. I also really liked - I thought we were doing a dance number and in the end, well... I wasn't expecting that.

Danica Lani  12:25  

Wow. So how does Berlin compare to a record store in Marrickville?

Kaizer  12:31  

It's shit.

Danica Lani  12:35  

Yes. Well, welcome welcome to Sydney. I am really curious about this last person who - I don't know - like you started off with "I'm good, I'm good, I'm so very good" Hilltop Hoods. Where? What? What happened to you?

Christian Values  12:53  

Look, I just use what I learned at Sunday School, you know. I just - these beautiful boys, you know. And they just really like helped me come out of my shell and just really like get to the finish, you know

Danica Lani  13:10  

So have you ever had that kind of experience before in a record store or out of record store?

Christian Values  13:16  

Well, I don't know. I also feel like I should say my name is Christian Values. Forgot to introduce myself.

Danica Lani  13:27  

So rude of you not introducing yourself.

Christian Values  13:29  

But usually the sort of encounter is saved for a godly place, you know. For Sundays.

Danica Lani  13:41  

And how do you feel now? Just having had that amazing group experience with the people in this record store and all of these people?

Christian Values  13:52  

I feel free.

[Kings of Joy IV: Zaddy B Cool, Nawab Lord Lestrange, Phallixander The Great, Glen 20, Lando Spaghetti, Rainbowgan. MUSIC: Fuat pas se fier aux apparences, Yann Perreau, Pierre Kwenders, Ines Talbi.]

Danica Lani  14:41  

Each Drag King group and Kings of Joy group has usually given me some kind of nickname or a hashtag. This group named me, The Mother of Drag Kings.

Qtopia Sydney Hub

The Band Stand in 

Green Park 

301 Victoria St

Darlinghurst, NSW

Sydney, Australia




The King Coach
P.S. If you wanna be a Drag King, pop your name down on the waiting list to be part of the Kings of Joy for first-time Drag Kings.

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