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Performing for a Cause: How Drag Kingdom Made a Difference

drag kingdom kings of joy the king coach Jul 11, 2024

[Photo credit: Sarah Malone]

Drag Kingdom is a reunion of the Kings of Joy community. Imagine 30+ Kings of Joy spilling through the doors of the Red Rattler with costumes, props and facial hair for days. This Pride edition of Drag Kingdom on 27 June was no different.

With so many Kings of Joy gracing the stage, this has to be the largest, ongoing Drag King Show on the planet. As the King Coach, I’ve had the honour of coaching and choreographing 112 first-time Drag Kings since December 2020. 

Hosted by Chase Cocks and Jim Junkie, this show featured 5 group performances and 6 solos from the Kings of Joy - with a couple of additional surprise guests… 

But rather than try and tell you what it was like, don’t take it from me. Here’s what the Kings of Joy had to say about Drag Kingdom:

“Drag Kingdom was fantastic! It was really healing to connect with this lovely community in person again.

Really inspiring, too. I'm starting to actually feel excited by the idea of putting together a performance of my own - I was a tiny bit afraid I might never feel that kind of motivation again. It feels terrific and I'm just so grateful.”

-Rex Coochie PI

“Performing in Drag Kingdom is an empowering experience. It is a space for new and seasoned performers. An inclusive audience who is ready for everyone to succeed. Just do it!”

-Bad Boy Cameo

“It’s just the best night ever! Like not even just in my top 10 nights of the year, THE BEST one!


“Last night was so much fun and everyone performed so well! I'm so proud to be part of this community of such talented (and hot) kings!

As a side note, I presented my first client debrief today and while internally I was freaking out, I kept channelling Bob's energy and reminded myself that if I can dance on stage in drag and in front of 100 people I can do a boring work meeting. 

So thank you again Danica for creating a space that allows such growth!”

-Bob’s Bulges 

Let’s have a look at the impact we made by being part of Drag Kingdom:

  • 29 Kings of Joy performed in groups and solos, and 9 took on volunteer roles for a total of 32 Kings (some took on both).
  • 112 people in our community said hell yes! I want to see you on stage in your Drag King persona and bought a ticket to attend.
  • We raised $932.48 for our LGBT Ugandan refugee friends from Block 13 through 10% of ticket sales & merch, donations plus the food made by Chris through their business Cohab Coffee. All food sales went to Block 13. They send their love, solidarity and appreciation.
  • 7 future Kings now have a paid-forward place to participate in Kings of Joy Gold Stars. The Gold Stars is for first-time Drag Kings. These Kings of Joy get to perform at the Queers of Joy show.
  • 5 new Kings of Joy signed up in the week after Drag Kingdom.
  • 100% smiles on faces.

This was accomplished with the support of many hands. Let me give a shout-out to:

* Our venue, The Red Rattler, is a cultural icon and hub for queer and POC events. This is my home away from home ever since Chris and I performed together in our first Drag King group in 2018. Shout out to the team, especially Kween & Sammi.

* Sasha aka Mr Jones, Production Manager & Door King

* Lara aka Rainbowgan, Stage Manager

* Tasmin aka Mister Thomas, Stage Hand

* Max aka Max’d Out, Runner

* Tori aka Bob’s Bulges, videography and Sarah Malone, photography

* Kiki aka Kaizer, Sage aka Tuey the Pink & Jenni aka Jack on the makeup team

* Kaitlyn aka Maggot Banks, King of Merch

* Our hosts, Chris aka Chase Cocks and Becks aka Jim Junkie

* The Kings of Joy All-Stars who performed Baby One More Time (Dustin le Rugrat, Chase Cocks, Cherry Packer and Bad Boy Cameo.)

* Congratulations to Dildo Baggins on his debut solo.

* All the Kings of Joy performers!

And finally, a massive thank you to The Working Kind Collective for providing us with our palace for rehearsals, in-house events, and workshops. We love and appreciate you.



The King Coach

P.S. Wanna be part of a community where you don’t have to try and fit in, you can simply belong? Join the Kings of Joy community.

Hello handsome, 🌈 I'm Danica Lani, also known as The King Coach. I'm here to empower you in your exploration of gender, sexuality, and performance. I have proudly mentored and choreographed 106 first-time Drag Kings since December 2020. Welcome to the joyous community of Kings of Joy, where we uplift and celebrate each other every step of the way! 🎉🤩 Let's embark on this Drag King journey together, cheering each other on! 🤗💖 #KingsOfJoy

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