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Stories of Self-Discovery: Meet the Stars of 'The Kings of Joy Podcast Show Live at the Bandstand'!

drag king kings of joy Oct 17, 2023

Are you ready to dive into a world of self-expression, empowerment, and unapologetic authenticity? Well, get ready because we've got a spectacular treat coming your way! The stage is set, and the spotlight is ready to shine on an extraordinary event that's bound to make your heart swell with pride and joy. We're thrilled to announce the dazzling lineup for "The Kings of Joy Podcast Show Live at the Bandstand" - an event that's all about living your best, most authentic life.

Po Trancey: The Soulful Wanderer

First up, we have the mesmerizing Po Trancey, a fairly recent addition to our Kings of Joy family. Po is not your typical Drag King. Instead, they infuse their performances with a deep sense of spirituality and a wanderer's soul. With a heart and mind that stay warm and open, Po is on a quest for fulfillment and satisfaction that transcends boundaries and challenges conventions.

Po Trancey's journey with the Sweater Weather group, which made their debut at Queers of Joy, promises to be a testament to the diverse and multifaceted world of drag. Their captivating performances reflect the soulful beauty of embracing your true self. Get ready to be inspired as Po unveils their authentic self and shares their path of self-discovery in a way that's bound to resonate with your heart and soul.

Ragnor the Ravishing: A Viking with a Heart of Kindness

Next up, we have the remarkable Ragnor the Ravishing, a Viking who has discovered their inner strength in the most unexpected place - kindness! Fresh from their debut performance at Queers of Joy, Ragnor's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. They bring a Viking's spirit to the stage, but it's not about battles; it's about battles won within.

Ragnor's story is a beautiful reminder that embracing your true self isn't about conformity; it's about belonging. Their path to self-discovery will warm your heart and ignite your spirit. Be prepared to be swept away by the magic of Ragnor's journey - it's a testament to the transformative power of authenticity and acceptance.

Jim Junkie: The Fitness Influencer with Heart

Last but certainly not least, we have the incredible Jim Junkie, our very own loveable Fitness Influencer! Jim is on a mission - a mission to help everyone reach their max potential, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually too. And what's more empowering than that? This sensational individual has journeyed from being a drag novice to becoming a seasoned performer in our Kings of Joy community, proving that with determination and self-love, you can achieve anything.

Jim's story is an inspiration to all of us, reminding us that strength isn't just about lifting weights; it's about embracing your true self. Get ready to be wowed by Jim's journey of self-discovery and self-expression. We promise, you'll be reaching for the stars in no time!

These three phenomenal individuals are the heart and soul of "The Kings of Joy Podcast Show Live at the Bandstand." This event is not just a podcast show; it's a celebration of human connectedness, compassion, and relatedness. It's an invitation to explore your own path toward self-discovery and self-love. It's a reminder that you have the power to be 100% at home in your own skin.

With only 40 tickets available, this promises to be an intimate and heartwarming experience. Join us on Thursday, October 19th, at 7 pm at the Bandstand for a night that will touch your heart, expand your horizons, and remind you of the power of authenticity and self-love.

This venue run by Qtopia Sydney is paving the way for Australia’s first Queer Museum.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now and prepare to be part of a magical evening that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered. We can't wait to share this incredible night with you!


Danica Lani

The King Coach

P.S. Wanna be a Drag King? Click here to join the waiting list for Kings of Joy

Hello handsome, 🌈 I'm Danica Lani, also known as The King Coach, here to empower you in your exploration of gender, sexuality, and performance. I have proudly mentored, choreographed, and produced 89 first-time Drag Kings since December 2020. Welcome to the joyous community of Kings of Joy, where we uplift and celebrate each other every step of the way! 🎉🤩 Let's embark on this Drag King journey together, embracing our true selves and cheering each other on! 🤗💖 #KingsOfJoy

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