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Kings of Joy podcast interview with Jim Junkie: Reaching your max potential

drag king kings of joy performance podcast queer the king coach Apr 28, 2022

Danica: Hello and welcome, my name is Danica Lani and this is my blog. Yeah! I am the King Coach among other things and today, I’m hoping to interview Jim Junkie… Are you there Jim?

Jim: What? Oh – oh… Hey, hey legend – hey, how are ya?

Danica: Hi! Thanks for – oo, looks like you were doing a bit of a workout there – thanks for interrupting.

Jim: No all good, no sweat. I mean, I did whip up a sweat but that’s fine. It’s all good. Yup. Love it.

Danica: Great. Well, thanks for dropping in. I thought maybe you could let some of our viewers here know a bit about yourself. So would you introduce yourself?

Jim: Yeah, so my name’s James Junkie, otherwise also known as Jim Junkie. I’m from the Inner West in Sydney, lived here all my life and I love it. I’m currently doing a part-time personal training degree at Tafe, in my second year now. Super excited for that. Live with my mum and Dad, three brothers. And yeah, just super excited to be here.

Danica: Oh that’s awesome. Well, thanks so much for making the time to come and chat with me.

Jim: Any time.

Danica: So how do we know each other? Maybe you could let people know.

Jim: Well yeah, it’s a bit of a funny story. We go way back. We met each other a couple of years ago. Wasn’t really quite sure how to start my fitness journey, and I was trying lots of different things, like trying the rugby, trying the football, trying the boxing all that stuff, even a bit of ballet you know, not to diss it, it is a good exercise but I just don’t have that flexibility motion right now, but it’s definitely something I’m hoping to improve on. So yeah, and then you came along, told me about this great workout and I think it’s safe to say we’ve been bros ever since.

Danica: I think that is safe to say. So you were part of the first group of people who started in Kings of Joy.

Jim: Yeah I mean, up until then I’d never heard of it before I was like what is Drag? I don’t understand what that is. And then you told me a bit about it and I think it’s safe to say it’s one of the best workouts both for your mind and your body that you can possibly do. I think it’s really just – if you’re thinking about it, just do it, get out there, find your local drag club and get in it.

Danica: Amazing. So what was it like for you? What were some of the results you got out of doing it?

Jim: Yeah, look, it was pretty phenomenal. Obviously, my ability to lift and perform to the max potential really increased, I mean like really went up to the top level. Definitely saw a lot of muscle gains, particularly in the chest and crotch area - I was quite surprised by that but here we are. So that was really cool. And then also just on a confidence level like it just, I was so - I know a lot of people would not at this time say this about me, but I used to be super shy, like I was just, did not know who I was but like I think I really found who I am through Drag as a workout. Yeah, I just really found myself. And I also found some great mates, a really amazing community and it’s all like fitness-focused and I love it. I’m here for it.

Danica: Fantastic. Well, I’ve been thrilled to work with you as your coach.

Jim: Yeah, it’s been an absolute honour.

Danica: And I have to say, you have been the person who shot out of the gate…

Jim: Yep, like I said once I started this I was like you can’t stop me now. I remember messaging you and saying I’m hooked. Where do I go, where’s next? And we’ve just been on that fitness journey for quite a while now.

Danica: Amazing. We have. It’s been quite a journey, hasn’t it?

Jim: It has yeah. Love it. Just being your best self you know. About being your best self. Yeah.

Danica: Great.

Jim: Yeah. Pretty sick.

Danica: So talk us through what the rest of the journey has entailed after you did your debut performance on stage at The Red Rattler.

Jim: Yeah so I did this great charity event called the Butch Fashion Show. That was incredible. Just a lot of excellent masculine people. Just like really showing their style and that was really cool. I didn’t think of myself as a fashionable person, but again there I was just strutting my stuff. Then I did, you probably would have heard about it, it’s called the King of Kings and that’s for the best powerlifter bloke out there. The best King. And, you know, went in there, wasn’t expecting much, just wanted to hit some PBs, and I won my division by judges and then I went in to win the overall competition by audience vote and that was like such an amazing high, it was incredible and I was just super stoked to be a part of it.

Danica: What did you win?

Jim: I won a crown and a big trophy and $1000.

Danica: Wow, congratulations!

Jim: That was pretty cool. Yeah.

Danica: And I heard you had – I was there as your coach in the audience and all of that– but did you have any other mates that showed up?

Jim: Yeah, a lot of friends, a lot of pals, I know that Malcolm XY was entering in that comp and they did phenomenally, Woody – they were incredible. Just some really epic legends. I’m trying to think who else... George Dykeal, I mean legend, legend. The George Dykeal, wow just like a huge fan. Just some incredible Kings, just doing some epic workouts. There were some with cakes, there were some clowns, we did some history, there was Nigel Thornbury, there were balloons - everything. Just taking it to that absolute max level. And yeah, it was an awesome night.

Danica: Wow, it must have felt amazing being up on that stage.

Jim: It was.

Danica: And I hear you had some fans in the audience as well?

Jim: Yeah, yeah I did… my mum was there. That was pretty cool. Yeah, she’s here tonight. She’s my greatest fan. I’m her greatest fan. Like, I like to think of myself as a bit of a feminist, so, ya know. Yeah, lots of friends from the football club. That was pretty cool. It was great.

Danica: Awesome. And tell us a bit about some of your other mates – you met them at the gym or at Tafe?

Jim: Yeah yea so, ah yeah – oh, I’m a bit shy. Yeah so I met my best friend Tyson, he’s also another bro, we’re very -you know, we get along great. Next to you, he’s my best bro. We’ve been through so much together. It just started out at the gym. I was lifting weights and he’s like, “Hey bro, do you need some help?” And offered me a free PT session. I’d just signed up to the gym - have you heard of that? Signing up to the gym and you get offered a free PT session? Like, I’ve never heard of that before. And we only just started and he said “Let’s work on our fitness journey together.” And we did and sure – after the first session I had to pay for him but I’ve got to say, it was well and truly worth it because I’ve just been going from strength to strength. Every morning I get up in the morning and I text him my goals for the day. We’re accountability partners. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t text back. The point is, I text him, and I tell him what my goals are for that day. So we’ve been through a lot – a lot of hard times but a lot of good times as well.

Danica: Wow. Sounds tight.

Jim: Yeah it was pretty sick.

Danica: Amazing. And I hear you went on a little travel adventure.

Jim: Oh yeah, yeah… I won’t show you because I think Mum watches this but ah, let you in on a little secret, but ah, I got a bit of a tramp stamp with Tyson on the back. Can’t believe it. I’m embarrassed, I can’t believe I told you this. Yeah, so yeah… got that in Bali. It was a pretty wild boy's weekend you know… Nothing illegal. Just a lot of fun, a lot of booze, a lot of fun, just boys, you know, hanging out. Was pretty cool and you know, what can I say - it was a great night. I only hope that next time we go to Bali that Tyson can come. I think he had some issues with his visa or something but it was still an epic, epic weekend and I’m sure he’ll join me next time on the boy's weekend to Bali. That’s for sure.

Danica: Fantastic, I’m sure he will. So tell us your future goals, Jim.

Jim: Yeah so I’m actually competing in the Lewisham’s Wellbeing Society’s Weight lifting competition and that’s next Friday and Saturday and for all you fans out there I will be taking you on the journey with me. So I’d love for you to join. So it’s at Brand X in Darlinghurst starting at 8 pm on both Friday and Saturday night and yeah, just come along for the journey. I’m actually going to take you through the step-by-step process of what’s involved to be your best self and how you can reach your max potential and just achieve those goals. So I’m super excited for that. Hoping to smash some PBs if not, I’m really hoping I can place. I’ve just had a few haters out there on the Instagram, just saying that I’m a fake and that I can’t lift 150 kg with one arm, which is definitely not, you know, that’s not the case, I definitely can lift that amount, if not 200. So yeah, it’s just hard, you know, when you start succeeding there’s a lot of people that don’t think you can do it. But I’m going to say no to the haters. We can do this. We can achieve our dreams. Everyone. I’m not just talking about me here, I’m talking about everyone out there. It’s really important to work on your best selves and I’m there to smash it and just show you that I can and I am the real deal. I’m 100% authentic.

Danica: Wow, that’s really inspiring. So if we come next week which is the 6th and 7th of May at Brand X in Darlinghurst, will we be able to pick up some of your tips?

Jim: Totally, absolutely. I’ll be giving out some free stretching programs afterwards as well for those who want to stick around. Taking your through things like nutrition, community, support, stretching, all the things – setting goals, you know, your vision boards. Think about that. Like, it’s not just in your body, it’s in your mindset. So yeah, just thinking about that and how you want to be and how you can really prepare yourself to reach the max potential.

Danica: Amazing. Well, thank you so much Jim Junkie. For those of you who are watching, Jim Junkie is performing in their first solo show. Please support them. It’s on the 6th and 7th of May 8 pm at Brand X in Darlinghurst. Tickets are $25. You can grab your tickets on And please follow Jim Junkie on Instagram @king_jimjunkie and ticket links are also in Jim’s bio.

Jim: Love to see you there.

Danica: We shall see you there. Love from the Kings of Joy community!

Jim: Much love. Love it legends! Love it!

Danica: Awesome.


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Max Potential: our hero has big goals

6 & 7 May, 8 pm

Brand X, Darlinghurst, NSW

$25 tix. Book now.

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