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Kings of Joy podcast JSTARR

Kings of Joy podcast interview with JSTARR aka Rory: getting gigs & living the dream

kings of joy lgbtqia+ performance podcast queer queers of joy May 20, 2022

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Danica Lani 0:02
Hello and welcome everyone. My name is Danica Lani. I am the King Coach also known as Daddy Joy and the Mother of Drag Kings and welcome to this podcast episode number two or three we'll see. Maybe. See where it lands. Today we are joined by Rory aka J STARR.

Rory aka JSTARR 0:28
Hello, hi. If you happen to be out and about call me either I'll respond.

Danica Lani 0:34
Fabulous. The foreman. Is it?

Rory aka JSTARR 0:39
I am the - I am the tool first and foremost. Ha, ha. But I'm also the Foreman J STARR and I'm the Site Supervisor and the leader of the boys. Ya know, I tell the boys on site what to do and where to do it and how to do it, ya know?

Danica Lani 0:59
Well, a bit of a triple threat there I see. Awesome, and so tell us J STARR - Rory/J STARR, JSTARR/Rory

Rory aka JSTARR 1:13
Well, I'm ah - in case you don't know. I'm a Dad and my son, when I'm dressed like this he calls me Rory STARR. I'm Rory STARR at the moment because I'm half/half, you know, I'm sort of, I'm basically this is me out of drag. I have the most gender euphoria when I'm in men's workwear. And I used to work out doing manual labor jobs. So men's workwear is like where it's at for me and I love it. So I'm basically Rory - J STARR is Rory but with a stash.

Danica Lani 1:50
Yeah, tell us about the extra drag bits that you put on.

Rory aka JSTARR 1:53
So well, I'm missing my signature black cap for one. That's in the wash. It had a really rough weekend. And really needed a wash. So normally, I'm rocking my signature black cap that everyone sees me wack on. And you know, I normally have my mustache, my very, very black mustache and very black eyebrows. And we're very chiseled in features. And normally I'm donning well, sometimes I wear clothes and they sometimes I don't. And the rest of the time I've normally got a really great DadBod six pack also drawn on down my body that normally ends up getting smeared across my body with whipped cream of late.

Danica Lani 2:40
Oh, wow, that sounds fascinating. I hear that's got a special term.

Rory aka JSTARR 2:46
Yeah. It's called the Human Sunday. It gets - it gets messy. It gets sticky. It's a great act. It's fantastic. The cleanup afterwards though.... I wish I had more boys on site to help move that.

Danica Lani 3:02
Oh, asking for volunteers...?

Rory aka JSTARR 3:05
Well, I've had people offered to lick me clean before and I'm like I don't think that's COVID Safe

Danica Lani 3:10
Yeah that's right. Safety first.

Rory aka JSTARR 3:13
Saftey first, yeah.

Danica Lani 3:15
Awesome. Well tell us Rory J STARR. Tell us about your journey with Kings of Joy.

Rory aka JSTARR 3:24
My journey with Kings of Joy... But we started like a year ago only it's only a year ago but yeah, I went to Queers of Joy like end of April I will say and and wanting to go, you know to go to every show for that and missed out and finally was able to go and was like wowed by it. And just I watched like Zaddy - is it Zaddy? Zaddy B Cool.

Danica Lani 3:55
Zaddy B Cool.

Rory aka JSTARR 3:56
Yeah, and just like their group was phenomenal. And was like, I really want to do that. And my friend that I was there with said, 'Well, if you do it, I'll be in the front row.' And then I had a conversation briefly with your partner Chris afterwards and then Chris, on Instagram, was like, 'Well, what's stopping you? Do it' and I was like, 'Alright, fuck it, do it. Excuse my French, but I was like - do it! My son loves drag and asked if there was something that you know was the opposite to Drag Queens. I was like yeah there's Drag Kings. And he said, 'Well, why don't you do it?' And that was the push that made me do it and sign up and I squealed with delight when I got a message saying that I was in the next round and squealed like a little girl. I was very excited. And yeah, I was super fortunate to be a part of it, which is weird to say super fortunate. Super fortunate to be a part of the group that was impacted by the lock down last year, because it meant we didn't get to perform. And our group had six months of catch ups on zoom on the weekly and had group therapy sessions every week. It was great. I mean, we I mean, sorry, Danica, we were rehearsing really hard for months on end.

Danica Lani 4:01
That's right.

Rory aka JSTARR 4:35
And then when we finally hit the stage, it was just like, the most liberating, insane, fun experience I'd ever had. Like, I, I've been on stage before and did acting and theater as a teenager. And then like, you know, secret squirrel business just between me and you Danica. So I spent like, nearly 15 years in the sex industry. So you know, I'm quite performative. Good at putting on an act, just a very different sort of act and narrative on it. And was like, Well, if I can do that naked, surely I can get on stage as a man like... Yeah, it was just like, it was the most insane liberating experience I've ever done. And I wish I could go back and do it again.

Danica Lani 7:03

Rory aka JSTARR 6:12
If I could do that first night again, it'd be great. And then straight after my first group show, I did my first solo show like three days later on our mate Jim Junkie's birthday bash last year at Kings Cross hotel. And yeah, that was that was so much fun. So much fun. Whipped that routine out of nowhere and did a thing. Yeah, and then then sort of had a couple months off because I was sick with influenza and then bronchitis and then came back this year ready to rock and roll and smash some more gigs. And that is what I have done.

Danica Lani 7:10
You absolutely have done that. You've been absolutely inspiring to the whole community in how you've gotten gig after gig after gig and gone for it. And yeah, just been showing up. So can you tell us a bit about what's your secret? What's your secret about getting gigs?

Rory aka JSTARR 7:29
Secret... Um, there's no secret recipe to it. Unfortunately, I wish I could give like a super secret away. I turned around, ask some other performers and Drag Queens how they first started out and how they got their gigs. Just on a night out. I was like I'm a Drag King and dah, dah, dah, dah. You know, do you have any advice? And their advice was exactly the same advice I give out is show up to your favorite events, show up to the places where you want to perform on stage. Try and make connections with other artists and then, slide into DMs. Do a little like, hey, self promotion. No one's going to do it for you. And you've got to back yourself and I have slid into way too many DMS for my liking. I'm not one to do that. But I have, I mean, JSTARR slides into DMs all the time.

Danica Lani 8:25
Yeah, exactly. I was gonna say, JSTARR would have no problem with that.

Rory aka JSTARR 8:29
Yeah, no, reach out to the events that you really love and reach out to, you know, the nights or the venues, the promoters of places where you want to perform and put yourself out there. Have a little blurb written up about yourself, what you bring to the stage, what you - you know, why you want to perform at that venue in particular or on that event, and just what's the worst is gonna happen, they'll read it and not respond. Or they'll read it like it and say, sorry, we're booked for the next couple of shows, but we'll keep you in mind. And I've been doing that since December last year. And the multiple gigs that I've done recently. I'm like, Yeah, sure. But, you know, we're booked for the next month, but we'll keep you in mind. Or then if someone happens to and get sick or have COVID or can't show up, then you're in the back of the mind. And just social media is a really great tool in this day and age. So keep liking people's posts, share posts, support your other artists. You know, it feels really good as a performer when people like and comment on my stuff or you know, told me that they enjoyed my performance and comment and that sort of thing. So I just think if that's how it makes me feel that's how I want to make the performance around me feel. So do the things do the supporting do the networking. That's the best advice I can give is just show up. Go to the places where you want to perform. Getyour face seen and known. Make the connections and then follow it up with the DM. Slide in there.

Danica Lani 10:08
Love it. Beautiful advice. That's gorgeous. And so you're talking about social media. So you started a, you already had your social media account on Instagram, your personal one, and then you started the JSTARR.

Rory aka JSTARR 10:22
Yeah, it's @jstarr_withadoubler. If you just type in JSTARR underscore, it will come up. self promotion, it works. Yes, I had my my own personal account that I post a variety of randomness to. Everything from chronic health, mental illness, you know, stupid memes, you name it, photos of my son - just life stuff. And then was like, Well, I already do that. I'll follow Danica's advice, start a JSTARR account, and at first had very little on it. But thank gosh, for the Queers of Joy community and that we already had a bunch of followers. And, and then was like, Okay, well, I don't have much to put on it. I have one show. I better just put some drag on, take some photos, so I've got something else to put on it. And then I was pretty lazy on it for a fair while. Didn't really put much on there for a bit. And then was like, no, actually, I think I need to actually focus on making content or putting posts up, or at least stories to stay relevant. And so that people feel like there's something they can engage with. So, all the kings out there, you might not like social media, but social media is what's gonna get you the gigs and get your name known amongst the queer community and the performing community. So do the social media.

Danica Lani 12:01
Yeah. And you've made some beautiful connections with people both on social media and also at these live gigs that you've been doing. Can you tell us a bit about some of your super fans?

Rory aka JSTARR 12:12
Oh, my JSTARR fans. They give me life. The audiences - I say my audiences like I own them. MY audiences. They're there just for me. No one else. It's not like they're there for a dance floor or a show or anything. It's just for me. Lol. They are incredible. Like, I've got fans that not only travel up and down the coast now to come see me. But I have fans that will pull me aside after a performance and just be like, That was incredible. You were so great. I thought, weirdly enough, like cis het men really love JSTARR. It's because I'm a tradie but like, they're like 'You do it so well. Like you just do it so well.' It's great. I absolutely love that cis het men love JSTARR as much as JSTARR loves cis het men. It's great. It goes both ways. But then I've received like, just over the weekend received some really beautiful messages after performing on the Kings and Things show. One of the fans had like found my social media as JSTARR and then crossed over my personal social media and read through some of my personal posts about dealing with chronic health issues. So I have chronic health issues and chronic pain and an invisible disability that affects basically every bit of connective tissue and joint in my body. So they read through a bunch of my posts, and then reached out to me, just to tell me like, how inspirational that was. And that because of that night, two out of the three self proclaimed hoes in the front row are now looking at doing drag, and that is like, incredible. Drag has been like the reach of drag and of JSTARR... There's this intersection ofJSTARR between like drag, queer community and cis het community that it's somehow works, right? It's like, cis het man, like, you're a tradie and you're taking the piss out of us, but you're doing it really well. And it's funny, and they love it. I'm, yeah, and they're like, What do you base it on? I'm like, well, to be honest, like my ex boyfriends. To be honest, I looked at JSTARR I was like, who would I be if I was a man? Every cis het man I've ever dated in my past, all rolled into one and that's JSTARR. And it has this reach that is - I didn't never expected it. I adore it and fills me with so much joy and happiness. But uh, yeah, I just I never thought it would reach as far as it does. Recently, I sent my videos to a man in his 60s that I met during the bushfires, the 2020 bushfires in a small country town and I was down there helping. And he's like, What do you been up to what've you been doing? And I was like, well, actually, I've been doing this. And he was just like, oh my god, it's so entertaining. I love it. It's great. And then a few days later, messaged me again being like, I can't stop watching them. It's so funny, you're so good. And he was like, it's so entertaining. And this is a man that's never been exposed to drag in any way, shape, or form, or really the queer community in any way. And he was just like, Yup, this is fantastic. I will love it. It's me doing a striptease as a man covering myself in food. Alright!

Danica Lani 15:54
Whatever floats your boat.

Rory aka JSTARR 15:56
Yeah, maybe he's not so sad after? Yes,

Danica Lani 15:59
Yes, people can be surprising in that way.

Rory aka JSTARR 16:02
It's been really beautiful to get messages from other people that have chronic health problems or, you know, deal with chronic pain, or have, you know, an invisible disability or even, you know, a visible disability to be able to have that interaction with them as well. For them to go oh, well, like that means so much that, you know, you're still doing it despite, you know, the reasons not to. And that's been really beautiful. I love my fans so much for that. My fans give me life. I spend way too much time watching videos and looking at photographs. But it's not of me. It's of the fan's reactions. It's like of the audiences cheering and having a good time and of their reactions. Because I walk away from it just filled right up by everyone's screams and cheers and support. And their little moments afterwards where they interact with me.

Danica Lani 17:01
Yeah, so great. And some of the videos that I've seen there's a real kind of Magic Mike-esque kind of vibe. Which people I just screaming for like, yeah, it's been amazing to see that impact.

Rory aka JSTARR 17:19
Yeah, I have no shame in saying I'm the self professed like King of hyping the crowd because I will make my crowd scream for me. And if they don't, I won't take my clothes off. Like really like the cheers, I'm making them cheer for me. I'm like, come on. Go on! You can do better. Yeah, it's been a lot of fun. I've been going through this process of reclaiming songs that I used to use in the sex industry, and flipping the narrative on them, and then redoing them. I'm like, I've done this a million times before and stripped, you know, to my birthday suit. Now I'm doing it as a male tradie and with drawn on abs and my tatas taped under my armpits. And it's just, it's been the most fun liberating experience. I always laugh though, every single time I'm doing it because I specifically remember you Danica being like, you know, like, explore feminine and masculine movements and masculine movements in squares. And I'm there like, yeah, circles!

Danica Lani 18:34
But you do circles, so well as a tradie. I don't know or is it a Magic Mike kind of... yeah. Love it.

Rory aka JSTARR 18:40
Yeah. It works. It's hilarious. I think, like I'm doing it and I'm just having the best time. It's so much fun for me. Half the time I forget that I'm supposed to be lip syncing and performing. But I've been enjoying exploring that and taking a break from lip syncing and playing on that and being like, I'm just gonna have a drink in between. Alright, back to what I was doing. But like, it's yeah, it's definitely got a Magic Mike tradie striptease vibe to it.

Danica Lani 19:23
Yeah it's been so fun to see, you know, go for it and develop that. It's been awesome. And JSTARR's very likeable. He's just a very likable person. Somehow. It's like, he feels like a mate, you know?

Rory aka JSTARR 19:38
Well, yeah. I mean, I laugh and I make jokes about like, JSTARR being based off ,very strongly, off one of my exes. Who has the nickname Angry Matty J. But he was very like 'burggh', and that's like habitually busy and always in a hurry, and so Oh, gotta get off shift and got to go to the gym and then go there. All the time. And bless, he laughs when I do this impression of him to him. He thinks JSTARR is hilarious. And in fact gave me my JSTARR construction hat to wear on stage. But even so, like he was such a likable character. And those were the qualities I wanted to pull from, like, all of the inspiration and like, what about my dad is so likable that people love him? And what about my best friend's and my ex's? What did I like about them? What do I want to bring to the stage that would make me scream and be like, take it off!

Danica Lani 20:47
it's so great, because in Kings of Joy, we talk about toxic masculinity and not actually bringing that to the stage. Like, we deal with that in life already. We don't need to see it represented on stage. Like, that's where we kind of come from. So that's a beautiful way to talk about, you know, taking the parts of these masculine expressions from people that you know, but the likeable bits.

Rory aka JSTARR 21:13
Yeah, it's been really fun. But I've come to sort of realise, like, when I was first doing JSTARR's sort of character background, I was like, I took it as who would I be if I was born a man. And I think I would very much so be a lot like my dad. Very stereotypical Finnish, Sami man. Probably drink a lot too much and probably be a carpenter or a tradie anyways, because that's what a lot of Fininsh men do. Certainly in my family. And was like, You know what, I reckon, and it sort of made me step back and look all of the cis het men I used to date and I was like, did I actually want to date them? Or did I just want to be them. No, I think I just to be them. And it was like, Yeah, all right, yeah. And then sort of pulled the bits out of them that I really liked. And that that was JSTARR. But what I've started to realize a lot is that J STARR's just like, he's JSTARR, his Rory, or Aurora. Some people know me by my real name, Aurora. So there's like, the two and then it's sort of here and JSTARR is just the hyper, like the ADHD hyper version of Aurora. But is, like, allowed to be. It's the unfiltered version of Rory that, you know, doesn't need to hold back because I'm quite like that anyway. I think the only you know, I love JSTARR and I love that he's like [grunt groan] all the time. I do laugh quite often, though, and say to everyone close to me, like, God, I wish I hadn't made such a high energy drag persona, because it's exhausting. I'll get off stage and be like [wipes brow], and then everyone's like, Oh my God! And I'm like [exhuasted] then [gee'd up].

Danica Lani 23:20
What a workout.

Rory aka JSTARR 23:22
But it's fantastic. I love that it has that sort of approachable commonality to that everyone just feels they can walk up and go, buddy! Mate! at me, and people literally will just walk past and go [finger point] at me, so I'm like [finger point] back at them. And it's, that's the joy of drag. That's literally the joy of what I get to experience as JSTARR all the time is, you know, even if I've got a resting bitchface under JSTARR's make up, I still look approachable.

Danica Lani 23:54
That works. Amazing. And I'm thinking back to the first Kings of Joy group that you were in the Kings of Joy V. And you had a special relationship there with another tradie in the group. Night Shift.

Rory aka JSTARR 24:13
It's my buddy Night Shift, my little buddy Night Shift Ah, yeah, look, we don't talk about our relationship - no. Lol This joke has been going on so long and it's fantastic. Like the character bonding between myself and JSTARR - myself and JSTARR - well. Myself and Night Shift has been so much fun, like the characters just bounce off of each other. Night Shift's like my little buddy on site who just he's always super jazzed to be there. Like he's just really excited to be where he is. And it's fantastic. And he just, you know, he wears black cap like me and hangs out with me all the time like in the office. In the office site like yeah, in like an office like you know...

Danica Lani 25:10
Pretty sure he looks up to you. Yup.

Rory aka JSTARR 25:13
Well, definitely looks up to me. Lol. The jokes just happen themselves Like you can't help it like, the joke of like two very straight presenting men that are both kind of secretly a little not straight. Like the jokes' there. And I mean, it's lived experience really like I've lived the 'I'm a straight woman' life. I can do the thing. So it's quite a fun relationship on stage. It's a lot of joking and jazzin' around and just like Oh, mate Oh, like these sort of ones. It's so much fun. But, you know, then I also - Well, I'm not gonna claim credit for this. It was not my idea. But we did turn another Kings of Joy group performance into a bunch of JSTARRS and Night Shifts.

Danica Lani 26:18
Pretty much. Everybody put on the trading vest. That was at The Drag Kings, right?

Rory aka JSTARR 26:23
Yeah, I just was like, let me just get my bag out. And I'll give you all some high vis to wear.

Danica Lani 26:31
Hand it out. That's great.

Rory aka JSTARR 26:33
Yeah, like we've had we did that... We sort of reworked it because we had a couple of original members that couldn't perform and then we had one stand-in from the group after us jump in - Kaiser. And they learnt our choreography that we spent six months learning - they learnt it in a week. And it made us all realise that we really didn't learn our choreography as good as we thought we did over six months. We were like, did they learn it in a week? Oh, wow.

Rory aka JSTARR 27:09
Yeah, but it was so much fun. We hijacked your choreography and changed it around a little bit to make it work and put everyone in high vis and had a bunch of tradies doing our performance. It was great.

Danica Lani 27:26
It was great. It was really good. It was really good. And I think too, just to go back to Night Shift. There are still some requests out there for a duet at some point with JSTARR and Night Shift.

Rory aka JSTARR 27:41
Look, me and my buddy Night Shift, we do talk about this fairly often about how we need to do a duo act and get on stage together. You know because like all the boys on site say we should. Like our chemistry between each other like is really natural the way that we get along and we're so in tune with each other's like movements and body. It's like, it's almost like we know each other intimately but like we don't like because like no homo, we're not gay or anything. But we're really close like really close.

Danica Lani 28:16
Bros, bros, yeah.

Rory aka JSTARR 28:17
Just a couple of bros hanging out on site after hours when you know with the office door locked, like... You know we're just playing cards. There's nothing gay about that...

Danica Lani 28:29
See, that homo-eroticism underlying is just so great to play with.

Rory aka JSTARR 28:34
It really is, it's so much fun. As soon as like Night Shift and JSTARR are in - like we'll be having serious conversations before or after performances and then just look at each other and be like, mate... and go for a little bit of like a stack whack bro - yeah... And it's been like that since day dot. It's quite entertaining. Myself and Night Shift were both at - before we signed up to Kings of Koy - we were both at the same Sydny Kings party and it was construction themed. And we both donned our construction wear to go to this Drag King party. We both had that like yeah, moment like we're both like yeah, like, Yeah, this is this is... yup, yup. And that's just been it from from the get go. JSTARR and Night Shift doing their thing. But we are in talks about it. Like if we can organise our schedules to make it happen. 100% make it happen.

Rory aka JSTARR 29:40
I've got a couple of friends that are like performers and on TV and stuff like that, and they're like honestly, you could book out every RSL and Worker's Club in New South Wales between the two of you. I was like, that's a good idea.

Danica Lani 29:56

Rory aka JSTARR 29:57
Do like the raffles or the bingo at the Workers Club in Blacktown or something!

Danica Lani 30:05
Totally. Love that. Amazing. So what would be your advice for any aspiring Drag Kings out there?

Rory aka JSTARR 30:11
Do it. Start now. Don't wait another day. I wish I had started sooner. But everything happens when it is supposed to happen. As it is supposed to happen. If you even have the slightest desire, a) reach out to Danica and put your name down for Kings of Joy. It is life-changing. It was a pivotal life-changing time for me. Community and group and just, the whole thing. I'm still - a year later - processing that I event put my name down. Wow, I really did that. But just start playing around - there's plenty stuff on YouTube on social media. Just search Drag Kings and see what pops up. Start playing around with make-up. Start walking around with a pep in your step, like a man. Or start walking like you're packing something bigger than you already do - or don't. Just start exploring, start doing the things. Start thinking about what your Drag persona would be and what you would like to bring to the stage. And give it a go. There's plenty of opportunities for Drag Kings, certainly in Sydney at the moment. There's plenty of opportunties for performers to get on stage and have a go. There's some really great perfomance nights in Newtown especially. That's Entertainment on a Wednesday and the Lip-Sync Heroes on a Sunday at the Impy - it's an institution. Everyone knows these places. Just get up on stage and give it a go. Really. Just back yourself. Get on stage, give it a try. If you're scared to do it on your own, then reach out to Danica and sign up for the next Kings of Joy. And then you'll have a group of - how many Drag Kings now?

Danica Lani 32:17
Oh gosh, the community is at about, almost 50 I think. We're nearly at 50 Drag Kings.

Rory aka JSTARR 32:22
Yeah. And you'll have 50 Drag Kings backing you. And the mother of all Kings right here, backing you. And then the whole Queers of Joy community just cheering you on. Definitely consider doing it. As a 33 year old - I mean, 44 year old Dad - it was amazing. I can't speak highly enough of it and I owe JSTARR to Danica. JSTARR wouldn't be JSTARR without you, Danica. You changed my life. I was working a 9 - well, 10-6 job and like, you know, doing the normal straighty-180 working for a local council. That's fitting right? I was working as a youth worker and was like doing a 'real job'. Then was like, 'That's it, I'm a Drag King now!' But it's been really cool to do. Definitely if you're thinking about it, just do it. And then if you're still uncertain, and need some support or backing, feel free to reach out to me or to Danica. Or any of the Kings of Joy community. We're very supportive and willing to give people time and energy and advice. I'm here if anyone needs advice or a soundboard.

Danica Lani 33:49
Thank you. And where should people contact you on Instagram again?

Rory aka JSTARR 33:53
On Instagram it's @jstarr_doublerr, so literally a double r. If you just type in JSTARR it comes up pretty quick smart and you can follow me on there. I'm sorry I don't have a facebook for JSTARR because I'm not that tech-savvy and one account is enough. Other than that, I've got a couple of events coming up, a couple of gigs. They're coming out everywhere. I've got a gig on Saturday at Queerdo.

Danica Lani 
What date's that?

Rory aka JSTARR 
This is the 30th. I'm sure this blog will be out after that.

Danica Lani 34:35
Saturday 30th. What else have you got coming up?

Rory aka JSTARR 34:38
And then I've got Queer & Now Out Loud in Newcastle on the 13th May. So that's a bit exciting. There will be some human sundae action there. I actually created the human sundae for Newcastle Fringe Festival so it's exciting to take the human sundae back up to Newcastle, back up to where it was made for and give it to the queer crowd up there again. I'm looking forward to it. I've got some of my JSTARR groupies coming and they're like, 'We're gonna get shirts printed!!' And I was like, it's too much, I can't deal. They're like, 'Yeah! Photo with the whipped cream! We're going to get our shirt printed and be like, JSTARR!!"

Danica Lani
Love it.

Rory aka JSTARR 30:04
Next level groupie action there and I'm here for it.

Danica Lani 35:29
Love it, that's awesome. Well thank you JSTARR and Rory. I will say that the Kings of Joy has become such an incredible, 6-week transformational process for people. For people, like myself, who have done Drag for years, it often has taken us years to get to our Drag King name, or really get some kind of clear backstory. And in 6-weeks you end up with your Drag King name, a backstory, your costume, your make-up. You end up with this thing that you can run with. Which is what you've done and you've done such an inspiring job for all of us in the community to see you out there. Expressing yourself, getting JSTARR out there, making a difference to other people, being a demonstration of what's possible... So, so, inspiring. So thank you so much.

Rory aka JSTARR 36:26
Thank you, making me blush. I'm not good at taking compliments. Like, I can take them as JSTARR cos I'm just like, aw, thanks mate. Rory's still learning how to do that. My cheeks feel very red. Thank you.

Danica Lani 36:37
Sometimes you have to breathe to just let that shit in. So you've gotta breath to let it in.

Rory aka JSTARR 36:44
I'm so grateful for you and Chris and the Queers of Joy community, because I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing right now if it weren't for you guys. So, just, owe it all to the KOJ and QOJ. To my Drag Mum!

Danica Lani 37:05
We love you. We're totally here, lifting you up. Supporting you the whole way.

Rory aka JSTARR 
[JSTARR] I mean, thanks, yup...

Danica Lani 
Thank you for being here today and we look forward to seeing you on stage.

Rory aka JSTARR 
Hopefully soon!

Danica Lani 
Yay, thanks!


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Wanna be a Drag King? Do it in a group with Kings of Joy. Click here to join the waiting list.

Music by Body Party ft Danica Lani

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