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Imitating Famous Masculine Faces: A Guide for Drag Kings

drag king drag king makeup kings of joy May 01, 2024

Drag King makeup is not just an art form but a transformative experience. It requires a deep understanding of facial structures and masculine features.

In this makeup guide for Drag Kings, we will imitate famous masculine faces. When you study these faces and practice drawing them, you will develop your makeup skills.

Facial Structure: Understanding the Canvas for Your Art

The face is our canvas. Let's start by understanding which facial structures read as masculine. This will help when accentuating the light and shadows of your own face. 

Each person's face has a unique framework of bones, muscles, and features. Think about the shape of the jawline or the placement of the cheekbones. Notice the size of the nose and the contours of the lips.

From chiseled jawlines to distinguished brows, each face tells a story. Our aim is to replicate these features by copying them. This section will delve into the intricacies of masculine facial structures. 

Key Facial Structures for Masculine Features

Here are some key facial structures that typically contribute to a masculine appearance:

Strong Jawline

A defined and angular jawline is often associated with male facial features. You can use makeup to create sharper angels and shadows along the jawline.

Prominent Brow Ridge

Men tend to have more prominent brow ridges, which can create a sense of strength and masculinity. Enhancing this area with shading or contouring can help masculinise the face.

Square Forehead

Male faces often have a broader and more squared-off forehead. Makeup helps to create the illusion of a larger forehead.

Facial Hair

Facial hair is not a structural feature. But it plays a significant role in masculine facial aesthetics. Use makeup or props to create realistic-looking (or go for the fake-vibe) facial hair. This can greatly contribute to a masc gender presentation.

Thicker Neck

Masculine needs tend to be thicker. You can create the illusion of a more robust neck by contouring and shading the area to add definition.

Flat Cheekbones

Male cheekbones tend to be flatter and less pronounced than female cheekbones. If you've learned how to do femme makeup, this is the opposite! The aim is to minimise the appearance of high cheekbones.

Hot tip: Pay attention to distinctive features like a cleft chin or a unique mole. These nuances can elevate your face to a whole new level.

Iconic Masculine Faces: Inspiration for Your Drag King Makeup

Here are some examples of famous masculine faces. These iconic figures embody charisma, charm, and a magnetic presence that captivates audiences.

Pick Your Main Man: Choose a famous masculine face. Google images of him. Practice drawing his face. You could start by printing an image and tracing the shadows and highlights with a pencil. Or use a sketching app to do this digitally. Learn how to draw his face on paper before attempting to paint onto your face.

Adam Goodes. A retired Australian rules footballer. He's known for his athleticism and strong advocacy for Indigenous Australian rights. His distinctive facial features include a strong jawline and expressive eyes. This makes him a compelling model for Drag King makeup.

Aaron Fa'aoso. An Australian actor of Torres Strait Islander descent. Recognised for his roles in television series like "East West 101" and "The Straits." He has bold and charismatic features. With a strong facial structure and intense expression, he is an ideal face for Drag King makeup.

Luke Carroll. An Australian stage, film, and television actor. Known for his contributions to Indigenous performing arts. His expressive features and clear facial lines allow for dramatic character interpretations.

Meyne Wyatt. An Australian actor and artist of Wongutha-Yamatji descent. Noted for his roles across Australian television. His striking facial symmetry and powerful presence are perfect for Drag King makeup.

Benjamin Law. An Australian author and broadcaster. With a sharp jawline and warm smile, he is an excellent subject for Drag King makeup. A great face to capture both intelligence and charm.

Jordan Rodrigues. An Australian actor known for his roles in "Home and Away" and "Dance Academy." Born in Malaysia, he is of Chinese descent and grew up in Australia. His youthful features and versatile appearance make him suitable for Drag King makeup. Ideal for creating both soft and defined masculine looks.

Lee Byung-hun. A South Korean actor. Known for his roles in "G.I. Joe" and "Terminator Genisys". He has an intense screen presence. With defined features, his face is ideal for dramatic and powerful masculine aesthetics.

Lee Min-ho. A popular South Korean actor. Famous for his roles in dramas like "Boys Over Flowers" and "The King: Eternal Monarch." His chiseled features and prominent cheekbones are perfect for a sculpted, heroic look.

Hrithik Roshan. An Indian Bollywood superstar. Known for his dancing skills and roles in films like "War" and "Jodhaa Akbar". His features are sharp and distinct. A unique edge for a dramatic Drag King face.

Takeshi Kaneshiro. A Japanese-Taiwanese actor and singer. Known for his roles in "House of Flying Daggers" and "Red Cliff". His mixed heritage provides a versatile canvas blending Eastern and Western masculine traits.

Godfrey Gao. The late Taiwanese-Canadian model and actor. A striking, photogenic face with robust features. Great for portraying sophisticated and alluring personas.

John Cho. A Korean-American actor with roles in "Star Trek" and "Searching". A balanced structure and a subtly expressive face. Great for both contemporary and classic male roles.

Riz Ahmed. A British actor and rapper of Pakistani descent. His intense eyes and sharp facial contours are perfect for Drag King makeup. Great for portraying deep, complex personas.

Dev Patel. An English actor of Indian descent. Celebrated for his breakout role in "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Lion." He has very expressive eyes and dynamic facial expressions. Great for conveying emotional depth and resilience.

Chadwick Boseman. The late African-American actor. Known for his portrayal of Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His dignified presence and charismatic smile captured hearts worldwide. His features are ideal for strong and heroic persona interpretations.

Michael B. Jordan. An African-American actor known for his roles in "Creed" and "Black Panther." His sharp jawline and intense eyes make him a powerful presence on screen. Suitable for Drag King makeup emphasising robust and dynamic characters.

Mahershala Ali. A two-time Oscar-winning African-American actor. Known for his roles in "Moonlight" and "Green Book." Has a sophisticated appearance and a compelling acting style. Offers a great canvas for nuanced and profound persona portrayals.

Djimon Hounsou. A Beninese-American actor and model. Recognised for his roles in "Blood Diamond" and "Amistad." Has striking features and a strong screen presence. An excellent choice for portraying powerful and impactful figures.

David Oyelowo. A British actor of Nigerian descent, known for his portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr. in "Selma." His expressive face and powerful features are ideal for dramatic and historical personas.

Gael García Bernal. A Mexican actor and director known for his roles in "Y Tu Mamá También," "The Motorcycle Diaries," and "Mozart in the Jungle." He has expressive eyes and a charismatic presence. This makes him a versatile figure for a variety of persona interpretations.

Pedro Pascal. A Chilean-American actor. Famous for his roles in "Game of Thrones," "Narcos," and "The Mandalorian." His rugged looks and intense gaze provide a compelling canvas. Great for strong and charismatic personas.

Oscar Isaac. A Guatemalan-American actor. Known for his roles in "Ex Machina," "Inside Llewyn Davis," and as Poe Dameron in the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy. Nuanced performances and striking features. Ideal for both dramatic and heroic roles.

Benicio del Toro. An Academy Award-winning Puerto Rican actor. Known for his deep, intense characters in films like "Traffic" and "Sicario." He has a smouldering presence. His distinctive features make him perfect for portraying complex, brooding personas.

Édgar Ramírez. A Venezuelan actor. Known for his roles in "Carlos," "The Girl on the Train," and "American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace." Has sharp features and a strong screen presence. An excellent choice for sophisticated and intense persona portrayals.

Brad Pitt. American white actor. Classic Hollywood good looks with a chiseled jawline and piercing eyes. Ideal for creating both rugged and refined masculine aesthetics.

Idris Elba. Black British actor, producer, and musician. Known for his powerful performances in TV shows like "The Wire" and "Luther," as well as in films such as "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" and "Beasts of No Nation." Has a strong jawline and commanding presence. Great for powerful and charismatic masculine traits.

Chris Hemsworth. Australian white actor. Best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has a god-like physique and sharp facial features. Ideal for Drag King makeup, emphasizing heroic and larger-than-life personas.

Henry Cavill. White British actor. Known for his portrayal of Superman. His square jawline and intense eyes make his face a prime candidate for Drag King makeup. Perfect for heroic and powerful looks.

David Beckham. White retired English footballer. Has well-defined facial features and style icon status. Good for a range of sophisticated to casual masculine interpretations.

Practice Makes Perfect: Honing Your Skills

Like any skill, Drag King makeup requires practice and dedication. Learn how to refine your techniques by mastering one feature at a time before moving on to the next. Stick to paper for a while. Then progress to your face.

Imitating famous masculine faces is a way to improve your skills. You will get good at recognising facial structure and masculine features. Then get good at drawing them. Remember, makeup is drawing and painting - but with your face as the canvas.

Have fun with this! Art is supposed to be fun and expressive. Getting better at anything requires drawing some BAD faces!! Permit yourself to paint some dud faces - and improve from there. Everyone you know started somewhere. Let’s simply begin.

Get drawing!


Danica Lani

The King Coach

P.S. Thanks to Sexy Galexy for the tip to practice drawing famous masc faces.

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