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From Novice to King: A Beginner's Guide to the Art of Drag King Performance

drag king kings of joy performance Apr 04, 2024

The art of Drag King performance begins with stage presence and energy. Back this up with masculine expression and lip-syncing. Finally, nail audience interaction and your performance will soar to the next level. Here's how.

 Stage Presence: Your Invisible Armor

The power of stage presence is immeasurable. It is an invisible armor that gets you out of your head and into the present moment. It's not just about standing on the stage; it's about owning it. This type of body language speaks volumes about your persona.

Practice in front of a mirror to master your routine. Contrary to popular belief, confidence is not a prerequisite to performing. Confidence comes by doing the thing, in this case, getting up on stage again and again. So, put on your big boy pants and get your ass on stage. Earn your crown.

 Lip Syncing: Is Not Singing

Lip-syncing mimics singing but is not singing. Never sing on stage. We can hear you. You want to go beyond simply mouthing the words. We need to see you expressing the emotion behind the lyrics. Make the song your own and communicate your feelings to your audience.

 Embodying Masculine Presence: The Ultimate Role Play

Embodying a masculine presence is more than just wearing men’s clothing. It's about adopting masculine mannerisms, posture, and stride. Observe men around you and mimic their actions.

Think about charismatic men you know. They could be celebrities or neighbours. These men have one thing in common. They are present. To embody masculine energy, you have to be present. Then you can bring your full presence.

 Energy: The Currency of Performance

Energy is the currency of performance. You can have low-grade choreography, a song no one has ever heard of and a beard drawn on with a marker. But if you have energy, people will fall in love with you and rave about your performance.

 Audience Interaction: The Icing on the Cake

If performance is the cake, then audience interaction is the icing. (Work with me here).

Your number one tool for audience interaction is eye contact. It will melt a person in their seat.

If you can't bring yourself to make eye contact in the early stages, don't sweat it. Look out to the horizon and imagine performing to one person there. It's the next best thing for when the stage lights are blinding you. Or your ex is in the audience.

The art of Drag King performance is about transformation, self-expression, and fun. So, step onto the stage, into the spotlight, and transform. Remember, as Drag King Spikey Van Dykey says, "The only judge of your art is you. Always be proud of your creations."

With practice and persistence, you too can master the art of Drag King performance. Go reign supreme on the stage, my friend.


Danica Lani

The King Coach

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Hello handsome, 🌈 I'm Danica Lani, also known as The King Coach, here to empower you in your exploration of gender, sexuality, and performance. I have proudly mentored, choreographed, and produced 106 first-time Drag Kings since December 2020. Welcome to the joyous community of Kings of Joy, where we uplift and celebrate each other every step of the way! 🎉🤩 Let's embark on this Drag King journey together, embracing our true selves and cheering each other on! 🤗💖 #KingsOfJoy

photo credit: Sarah Malone @sierramalevich 

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