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#FeministFridays podcast

#FeministFridays podcast interview with Sarah Liberty

block 13 human family kings of joy lgbtqia+ making a difference media queer queers of joy show ponies somatic coach the king coach yoga Feb 24, 2022

In this 30 minute episode of Feminist Fridays, Sarah Liberty interviews me about where I grew up and my early influences (hey Janet!). I talk about being an artist first and learning entrepreneurial skills later in life. We cover what started my dance career, what inspires me to get out of bed in the morning (it's you), and creating a business where I get to be unapologetically myself.

Then we travel into Queer tantra and disappearing lesbian bed death. I gush about Kings of Joy, my group of first-time Drag Kings, the community of Queers of Joy and the difference we are making with our LGBTQIA+ friends living in refugee camp Block 13, Kakuma, Kenya. We even talk family, becoming a parent and of course, being a feminist and gender non-conforming.

And we finish with my favourite quote from my ep 'micromovements', "Peace is not about no conflict, it's about conflict resolution." (Yes, I just quoted myself.)

Pop in your headphones, go for a walk and enjoy the conversation! Click here to listen. Also available on Google podcast, Spotify, Deezer and iHeartradio.



P.S Give to Block 13 or join the Free Block 13 Community Support team.

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