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Drag King Royalty is coming to town: Hugo Grrrl

drag king kings of joy lgbtqia+ performance the king coach Feb 20, 2023

One of the joys of living in the host city of Sydney WorldPride is welcoming our international siblings, including Drag King Royalty, Hugo Grrrl from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Kings of Joy is proud to announce a Drag Worksop with Hugo Grrrl on Sat 4th March, 11-2 pm at our Palace at The Working Kind Collective, Stanmore.

A true-hearted, self-confessed 'big ol' dork' with a Drag King persona bigger than Ben Hur, if you haven't gotten up to speed with George Fowler aka Hugo Grrrl's many accomplishments, here's what you need to know...

  • Full-time Drag King, MC, and cabaret producer since 2016
  • Drag Tutor at NZ's National Youth Drama School (Yes! There is such a thing!)
  • Winner of Season 1 of TVNZ House of Drag
  • The first Drag King and trans man ever on a reality TV competition
  • 2018 Nominated for Wellingtonian of The Year in the arts category
  • Winner of Best MC at the Wellington Comedy Awards
  • Creator of Naked Girls Reading, nude women reciting literature out loud
  • Creator of The Pun Battle, with two comedians battling it out
  • And also the creator of the world's largest Drag King act, Auto Boys with 28 Kings on stage! 

Here's what people say about Hugo's Drag workshops:

"I have been running cabaret events for over 10 years and I learned tons in this workshop." - Rachel Rouge

"I would like to take a moment to say how blown away I was. I went into both of these workshops with very high expectations. What Hugo delivered was far beyond anything I could have prepared myself for. The professionalism and personal connection during both workshops was phenomenal ... after two short sessions with Hugo Grrrl, I feel far more confident and prepared than ever before ... If you ever have a chance to attend a workshop run by this fabulous master: PLEASE, TAKE IT. I am overjoyed with the mental equipping I was given, and am ready to push myself forward and up in the world." - Ben Munt

Kings of Joy is proud to present, a Drag King Workshop with Hugo Grrrl

Sat 4 March, 11-2 pm

The Working Kind Collective, Stanmore, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Want to do drag but don't know where to get started? Doing drag but want to up your game? Learn how to create slick, simple but sickening stage spots that are guaranteed to stick in this drag basics workshop.

In this session aimed to get your creative brain sparking, we'll cover the logistics of 'getting started', namely how to pull together a solid, simple, entertaining themed act, using Hugo’s foolproof Rule of Threes formula. 

We’ll then move on to Drag King 101 - a fast and furious series of tips, tricks, signature moves and costume pointers for masculine dragsters. 

Expect to leave full to the brim with applicable, practical drag tips, and inspired for your next performance. 

This workshop is perfect for all new dragsters, kings, queens and inbetweens, as well as anyone creating a character and acts in any kind of cabaret discipline.

Please bring pen and paper.

Grab your ticket here.



The King Coach, Daddy Joy and the Mother of Drag Kings

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