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Block 13 & Chris Lani-McAllister on the Guilty Feminist podcast

Block 13 & Chris Lani-McAllister on The Guilty Feminist podcast

anti-racism block 13 feminist lgbtqia+ making a difference queers of joy Nov 08, 2022

I'm a feminist, but... when Chris woke me from a deep sleep at 4 am whispering, "Deborah Frances-White said you too!", all I could muster was, "Jesus." All my body wanted to do was rest and fight off my flu symptoms. As I lay there, semi-conscious, hearing Chris start the shower, I had one thought. "But it's Deborah Frances-White!" And when feminist comedian Deborah calls you, you answer the call.

I padded to the bathroom, unable to open my eyes fully, and said to Chris, "Is it video or not?" 

"What??" they replied, confused.

I sighed. All I needed to know was do I need to have a shower and make myself presentable for the pending zoom meeting where our LGBTQIA friends from Block 13 in refugee camp, Kakuma, Kenya were about to be interviewed live on Chris' favourite award-winning podcast, The Guilty Feminist with Deborah and Kemah Bob, FOC It Up Comedy. 

"Why are you asking?" they asked. I did my best to explain through my sleepy stupor.

Then to my absolute relief, they said, "No, not you too! Me too!"

Needless to say, I crashed back into bed and fell promptly asleep.

What a dream come true for Chris and for our dear LGBTQIA friends, Lucretia, Shifra, and Juliet from Block 13 to be interviewed by Deborah Frances-White and Kemah Bob on The Guilty Feminist. Listen here to episode 330: Block 13, live from Kings Place, London.



Ps. To find out more about our friends at Block 13, go to

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