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Lockdown fun online: Show Ponies shoutout on ABC Radio Sydney!

Lockdown fun online: Show Ponies shoutout on ABC Radio Sydney!

kings of joy kings of joy all-stars media show ponies Sep 14, 2021

[Listen at 1:43]

Costumes galore, sequins or binders, false eyelashes or beards, these are what friendships are made of. Beginning our Show Ponies and Kings of Joy All-Stars season from lockdown and rehearsing once a week online has become something to look forward to. Stepping into a Diva or Drag King persona, moving your body in ways you don’t normally in your day-to-day life and dialling up the fun-o-meter are all part of the experience.

This week, one of our Show Ponies, Fi rang into ABC Radio Sydney and spoke to Sarah MacDonald about the fun things she was doing online in lockdown.

Transcript at 1.43:

SM: And you’ve also done a dance class?

Fi: Yes, so I got introduced by one of my friends to Danica’s Show Ponies, she puts on online dance classes and we’re doing a Janet Jackson dance course

SM: A Janet Jackson dance course?

Fi: It goes for 12 weeks. And yeah they pick an artist every time they do these courses and it goes for 12 weeks to a Janet Jackson song. We’re doing Miss You Much.

SM: And so over those 12 weeks you will have perfected Miss You Much by Janet Jackson, you’ll have all the moves.

Fi: Perfected it. And hopefully by the end if we’re out of this, and we get to go to a venue, we put a dance on at a venue at the end of it.

SM:  -Oh!

Fi:  I’m not sure, it’s like a gay club or a cabaret club or something like that

SM: - You get to perform

Fi:  Yeah so I really hope that we’re out of this so we get to perform for an audience

SM:  - You do your Janet Jackson. You’re not going to have a breast malfunction like she did?

Fi:  Let’s hope not

SM:  - No

Fi:  Um, I don’t think the tassels are coming out for any of us.


SM:  - Who was it who ripped her costume and exposed her breast – was that at the MTV awards?

Fi:  Justin Timberlake

SM:  - Justin Timberlake

Fi:  No, Superbowl

SM:  Hmmm. None of that will happen, Fiona, with your group. You sound like you are just totally across it.

Fi:  Oh look, you have to be. I mean, I’ve struggled, I really have this lockdown. This is the 12th week for the Redfern LGA and so I mean this has given me something to look forward to every week and it’s a group of great people and yeah it’s something really fun.

SM:  That’s fantastic. What was the dance site called?

Fi:  If you look up Show Ponies…

SM:  -Show Ponies! (Laughter…)

Fi:  Danica is the dance leader. But if you put into Google ‘Show Ponies Danica’ like it will come up with her Facebook Page.

SM:  Ok brilliant. Alright, I might do that. That sounds fantastic. Thanks, Fiona.

Fi:  So much fun! Thank you very much.

SM: - So much fun – dancing, doing Janet Jackson, that’s such great news. Thank you, Fiona.

Thanks for the shout out Fi – can’t wait to see you on stage performing in the Janet Jackson tribute at the Red Rattler, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia!



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