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5 daily tips to starting the New Year afresh

block 13 empowerment habits human magnetism somatic coach Jan 05, 2022

If you're not leaping out of bed to start the New Year, don't worry, you're not alone. It takes something to shift from the holiday season back into a routine - even one that you know is good for you. Whether you're returning to work, your business, or study, let's not pretend that the transition is all roses.

Here are my 5 daily tips for week one of starting your New Year afresh:

Day One

Set your alarm. What? That old thing again? Can't I just sleep in like I've been doing over the holidays? Nope. Choose a regular wake-up time and where possible, wake up at the same time each working day. Make it fresh by choosing a new song as your alarm. Pick something soothing or uplifting. No need to startle the nervous system on your first day. I have the sound of 'om' being chanted by a spiritual teacher of mine. It's gentle, it's soothing, and eases me into the land of awake. 

Day Two

Be conscious of what you are tuning into first thing in the morning. Left to my own devices, my brain likes to hook onto mistakes I made the day before, things I'm worried about, or terrible predictions for the future. Add a vivid imagination and we are off to a rocky start to the day. When I notice the noise in my head is heading down that road, I tune in to something else. Better still, head it off at the pass by tuning into something external as soon as you wake up. I like to listen to a Good Morning rampage by Abraham Hicks. Or put on an uplifting morning song such as Give Thanks by Elijah Ray, Tevya Jones aka Wisdom.

Day Three

Make a checklist of the daily practices that make you feel good. Mine includes things like making celery juice, writing morning pages, rolling out my yoga mat, taking a #dancebreak, and things that I otherwise frequently forget such as taking my supplements (turmeric makes a massive difference in managing my endometriosis) and doing my physio exercises. Now use your checklist. Someone won a laminator at the last Show Ponies & Kings of Joy All-Stars Showcase. Whip out your laminator and make a re-usable checklist that you can tick off with a whiteboard marker and clean off each day. :)

Day Four

At the end of your workday, acknowledge your accomplishments. I have a notebook dedicated to listing all of my accomplishments at the end of the day. It's a great way to acknowledge yourself and see what you have done versus being stressed about what you haven't done. That way you can spend the evening being present and available with your loved ones.

Day Five

Create a mantra for your year. This is something you can post up on your wall or bathroom mirror (liquid chalk is fun to write on glass with). True yourself up to your mantra throughout the year. Have fun finding ways to remind yourself about it - phone screensavers, random reminders in your calendar, or a collage of images to make it visual. Some of my annual mantras have been Relax into it and Let it be easy.

If you implement these 5 daily practices, they will soon become habits that will give you an elevated quality of life. Let this be the year where you land your dream job, attract your perfect partner, double your income and be able to donate money to causes that matter to you - like empowering Lucretia, Festo and Fahad, and our other LGBTQIA+ friends living in dire circumstances as refugees in Kenya. Click here to give.

Drop me a line and let me know how you go: [email protected]

Let's expect miracles this year - surprising and delightful unexpected things are coming your way, my friend.




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