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I met my person, Chris doing a group Drag King performance together. So far I've been nicknamed Dance Mum, the King Coach, the Mother of Drag Kings and Daddy Joy. I've mentored and produced over 50 first-time Drag Kings performing at Queers of Joy.

Due to the consistent percentage of others who have also found love in a Kings of Joy group, I've now been dubbed Kings of Joy's secret dating agency magic.

You're welcome.



Max'd Out

“Before working with Danica I had long harboured a daydream to do drag. But I'm not a performer, certainly not a dancer, and I had no idea how that would ever happen. Danica swooped in with an ease about her that made me relaxed, and my partner and I signed up with zero experience of dancing on stage - knowing that we would have to perform in 6 weeks. A lofty dream that would have been, if it weren't for Danica's energy, time, and somehow, her ability to turn the nerves of 4 new Kings into pure excitement. Stage was a blast, and Danica's support is nothing short of massive, joyful and connecting. Practice was always a joy, and performing to a cheering crowd was unbelievable. I could do it because I trust Danica. She was right, we were in good hands.”

Trans Mission

โ€œBefore working with Danica I had not performed in a really long time but then along came Kings of Joy to gas me up and surround me with awesome Kings to inspire me. I truly appreciated seeing the development of our characters, especially the fellow People of Colour Kings in my group. It was really awesome to be able to see us draw on our cultural heritage to inform our Drag personas. After completing the Kings of Joy program with Danica, you will be so ready and raring to perform again and again."

Jim Junkie

“I signed up to Kings of Joy to challenge myself but I ended up growing in confidence, community and creativity. After this rough year it was a delight to make such beautiful connections to the members in my group and the greater drag community. I wasn't sure if I would ever get to find a creative community like this however this experience surpassed my wildest expectations. For the week after the performance I felt ecstatic. I never thought I would do anything like this but we did it!  I've made friends, found a creative outlet for my gender expression and found a community to support my gender journey.”

Hello handsome.

You've come to the right place.

Kings of Joy was born out of Queers of Joy - a bi-monthly celebration of trans and gender-diverse identities and community. Kings of Joy started as a performance group for first-time Drag Kings. And it's also so much more. It's community. It's friendship. It's a home.

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Our LGBTQ refugee friends living in Block 13, Kakuma, Kenya

Learn more about how we met and some of the issues they face every day.

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