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 👑 Unlock the essence of a powerful stage presence that leaves audiences in awe.

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👑 Discover the secrets to creating powerful narratives that resonate with your audience.

👑 Build a repertoire of performances that showcase your unique self-expression.

👑 Gain access to exclusive tips on networking within the drag community to boost your career.

👑 Step-by-step guidance to take you from dreaming to doing – your throne awaits!

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Jim Junkie

This award-winning King is hooked

“Kings of Joy has been an absolute JOY! Danica has been an incredible coach, supporter and mentor to me and many other kings. It doesn’t stop after the show. You are connected to a community of incredible individuals with unique talents and gender expression.”

Max'd Out

I had a phobia of dancing

“I've done four shows. And the solo which - ICONIC!!... I never would have done. I never had any desire to be onstage or dance. Actually, I had a phobia of dancing. So this is a lot of fun. I've gotten a lot of confidence & have expressed gender in diverse ways for me. I've had a ball.  I've met amazing people & that's one of the best parts is the people you meet. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.”

Cyber Prince

As a baby queer this was one of the best experiences of my life

“Kings of Joy was one of the best experiences I have had in my life.  Still a baby queer, I first saw a drag king perform early in 2021 and just knew “I want to do that”. Finding Danica a few months later was serendipitous, and she made it easy – taking care of all the choreography, and guiding us through a process to help us develop our drag personas in a safe group setting – we were all in it together. Kings of Joy has helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin, my queer identity and meet an amazing community of people.

Trans Mission

Drag can be hard to understand from the outside

“Kings of Joy is an awesome introduction into Drag, from make-up to binding to creating a Drag persona. Drag is one of those art forms that has a lot of unique protocols. It can be hard to understand from the outside. After completing the Kings of Joy program with Danica, you will be so ready and raring to perform again and again. You will also join an amazing community of Kings that Danica has created, all there to support you and gas you up on your journey into further gender fuckery and performance art. I have found confidence in Drag makeup, inspiration and motivation for future performances and a renewed love for performing.”

Boy Michael

I was shy... it felt left coming home

“Joining the Kings of Joy was such a joyous experience for me.

With the support of a group (my bros) and the guidance of our incredible Drag King Mother (Danica Lani)  I overcome a lot of fears around my gender expression.

Getting to know Boy Michael (my drag king persona) was like a new love affair, I was shy and I really wanted to be the best person I could be for them. Through the weeks of training and the acceptance of the group it felt like coming home.

Now he is very much a part of me and I’m not only more at peace with my masculinity but also my femininity.

I’m excited about where this can take me and how I can share this not only through performance but in my everyday life and with those who love me.

Earl Gaye

I had absolutely no idea where to start

“Before signing up for Kings of Joy I had a longing to do drag and perform to express my gender identity and sense of self, but it overwhelmed me because I had absolutely no idea how to execute that or even where to start. 

With Danica by my and the King's side, I was taught how to make a persona, choreography, tips on costuming, taping, and even just how to cope with the anxiety that performing can bring. Also, creating valuable friendships with the kings while we learned together was such a joyful experience. 

Since I've participated I have stronger community ties, and confidence to perform again in the future because I've received so much experience and education. I've come out of this experience knowing there are safe spaces out there for me to be myself. I am so extremely happy and grateful to have participated in Kings of Joy, and I've received more than I could have imagined.”