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Are You A Show Pony?


  • Do you love to dance but don’t have a stage?
  • Does being ‘uncoordinated’ stop you from feeling free on the dance floor?
  • Do you need more (eco) glitter in your life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then join us for a fun-filled journey of full self-expression. Email me to reserve your place or for more information go to Show Ponies.

Before working with Danica, I tried to go back to dancing, but it’s hard as an adult and I didn’t feel there was anywhere I quite fit. After working with Danica for just one session I knew I’d found somewhere great. Danica’s passion and energy inspired me to want to dance more often and pushed me to let go and be more free.” – Rosie, Teacher

“Before I was a Show Pony I lacked confidence on the dance floor as I’ve always thought I was gangly. During the weekly lessons I saw how to make small changes in how I was moving with some really effective guidance from Danica who is an amazing and encouraging teacher. Now I can dance without constraint which gives me a sense of freedom at work, with strangers as well as on the dance floor!”  – Christine, Café Owner

“Before Show Ponies I was embarking on better eating journey and wanted to get active again. Could have done what I always do on my own, swim laps, walk or go to the gym. However I wanted something fun and different and creative for a change and I definitely got that from Show Ponies classes and the performance in that funky old magical theatre!” – Shannon, Consultant

“The Show Ponies experience rocked my world! I am a seasoned performer and assumed I knew how to move and dance above average. Through this experience I discovered a whole world of movement, expression and confidence with my body that I was completely unaware of. Danica has the skill, passion and patience to make a donkey like me transform into a magical Show Pony. I can’t recommend the classes or Danica highly enough. I love the whole journey, the bonding of people for a common passion and of course performing in front of people I know and love and enthusiastic strangers. Yeehaw Show Ponies! Giddy up!” -Pan, Builder