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Hello, my friend

human family human magnetism lgbtqia+ queer somatic coach Oct 19, 2021

Hello my friend!

In case we haven’t met yet, I thought I’d introduce myself. You might have questions about the work I do and who I work with.

I’m a Somatic Coach who empowers people through the body using the modalities of Yoga and Dance. I have a BA in Dance, Deakin University and an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training, Australian Yoga Academy. I’ve been officially dancing since I was 5 and practicing yoga since 1999. These two movement modalities are interlinked and I don’t do one without the other. Yoga is my foundational practice to keep my body free from aches and niggles and keeps me sane! Tantra also falls under the umbrella of Yoga. Dance is expression, is fun, is art, is about being part of the human family and is freedom.

So who do I work best with? I love working with LGBTQIA+ people and their straight allies who struggle with being unapologetically themselves and would like to feel good in their body, be 100% at home in their own skin and increase their human magnetism.

What separates my service from others is that I’m a queer business here to serve the queer community and because of this, clients receive a safe and uplifting environment where they feel connected and are empowered to live their best lives.

I’ve always worked with people in the queer community from the moment I opened my doors and declared I was in business! There’s also been many a straight ally.

I’ve worked with people who have zero flexibility, have two left feet and can’t dance. And I’ve worked with people who feel shut down sexually and spiritually and don’t know how to open up again.

I’ve worked with introverts, the more reserved type, home bodies and I’ve worked with extroverts who are flamboyant, love being social and just need a stage.

I’ve worked with people who have never danced in their life and people who have not been on stage for 10 years or more and are now returning.

I’ve worked with people who are pregnant, post partum, people with all sorts of aliments and conditions, injuries and varying physical and intellectual abilities. People who have sleep issues. Parents with high-needs kids. I’ve coached literally hundreds of people over all walks of life in being empowered and living great lives. I’ve worked with people who knew they should be moving but are too busy or haven’t’ gotten around to it yet.

Walking in this world as a non-conforming person – whether that’s in your sexuality, your gender expression, your race or ability and the intersections of these life experiences, simply who you are in the world, takes something to navigate at times. Having the scaffolding, the required support to hold and uplift yourself in the world works when we have tools and practices and communities where we can thrive.

Whether it’s practicing yoga regularly, performing on stage in sequins or in drag, or connecting with something bigger than oneself, these are the ways you can experience increased confidence, being at peace within yourself, expanding your capacity for pleasure and bring fun into your everyday life.

What makes me different from others is my ability to grant people being, empower and uplift people. In other words, champion people. I’m enthusiastic and I know how to inspire others. One of my gifts is my listening, my ability to listen, be accepting and to be a judgement free zone. Some of my job titles (and nicknames) have included being a professional fun starter, dance mum (mom), the king coach, mother of drag kings…

Working together will save you time, providing a zero commute, where you can roll out your mat and make yoga easy. You’ll get to say goodbye to niggles in the body!

And if you get to perform on stage, you’ll prove you can have fun and make a difference at the same time. I love working in partnership with The Hunger Project, directing funds towards their programs that work with local people to create their own solutions for the sources of hunger.

Working together will increase your magnetism. You’ll make more money, increase your sexual prowess; be the best lover you can be and gain praise and be popular. Wow! Can you believe it? Try it and see. We have this one wild and precious life, as poet Mary Oliver famously wrote. What will you do with your one wild and precious life? You may as well throw everything at it to live your best, most satisfying, fulfilling and delicious life.

Let’s connect and see if it’s a good fit for us to work together. I look forward to meeting you.



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