Sparking Joy

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a hoarder. Paper has been my main crime. I think I kept everything I ever wrote anything on. A number of years ago I created a vision for my living environment. I cut out pictures from magazines and wrote, I want to be surrounded by so much beauty, that it makes me want to cry. So why have I been decluttering for years?

I’ve found an answer in my favourite new book by Japanese author, Marie Kondo. It’s called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. An easy read and a shift in paradigm, she’s given me the access to clearing out anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. As per her coaching, I’ve started with clothing. She recommends taking everything out of drawers and wardrobes and making one big pile. Then one by one, touching each garment and asking yourself, “Does this spark joy?” It’s completely terrifying on one level – “what will the answer be?” “Will I be able to give up my attachment to this object?” It would seem there is only two real answers to the question, “Does this spark joy?” Yes or no. The increased happiness that I’m discovering from opening a drawer filled only with joy-inducing clothing has been well worth the experiment.




Photo credit: Gitta Goldberg Photography