Soul of Sydney

A secret venue only released on the day of, a magic rope that becomes a game of limbo, funk and soul with a sprinkle of disco and a warm, welcoming, non-judgemental, all-colours crowd of dance-lovers – welcome to Soul of Sydney.

I love dancing with people. I love the expression and communication of movement to music. I love the pure joy of being connected to soul. Being invited by another to join them in a wild storm of energy, of sexual expression through dance and of gender play. The crowd parts, a circle is made. The tall muscular man with the ginger beard invites me in. His incredible moves drew the crowd including those hand on the hips Beyonce accents he brings – so wonderful to watch on such a masculine body. I match his every move, my eyes never leaving his, catching, falling, subliming the energy between us. He hugs and thanks me after the final pose with the applause falling around us. Many acknowledgements come my way, but the best comment S’ra tells me, was the man near her who said to his friend as I was dancing, “She’s so hot, she’s making my eyes melt.”



photo credit: Soul Of Sydney