Living with neighbours

I happily lived in an isolated location on the South East Coast of NSW for 3.5 years about 10 years ago. On 40 acres, 26kms outside the nearest town on a massive stretch of river, I could go a whole day without having spoken to anyone. The post came three times a week. I had no phone, no internet, no running water, no electricity and I thought I was going to live there for the rest of my life.

Now I live in an immaculately kept apartment building in Sydney cbd with around 200 other people. And yet I could easily keep myself in isolation. Is it my wiring to be a hermit?

What is it that gives us the experience of community? Is it living with people? It would seem that living with others in and of itself is insufficient. What gives us the experience of belonging? What if we could belong everywhere?

We had a Richmont Community building bbq on the rooftop today. Community often starts with people talking to people they wouldn’t normally speak to and then building from there.

If you look out into the communities you’re a member of, how did you become a member? I wonder if it’s all through declaration. The declaration I belong here. And we belong here together.