Performance Anxiety

Give a lip sync challenge to a team of ‘A-type’ personalities and results-producers in life, and what are you going to get? Performance anxiety. Where’s my prop? Can I use props? Will there be a microphone stand? Do I have to hold a mic and what if it gets in the way of my dance moves? Will I have learnt the lyrics to my song by Friday? Which song should I pick out of these two? How come I still look like a man in this wig?

How much can preparation circumvent performance anxiety? Does it give us the confidence and self-backing to perform or is it better to put it all aside and simply show up on the night? Some preparation I’m hearing about from my colleagues includes everything from the classic singing into a hairbrush to dedicated mirror-work, lip control and being with oneself in the mirror. Learning lyrics, trying out dance moves and studying the lip syncing work of others…

Here’s one of my favourites from Emma Stone – check out that mouth!