Professional Fun Starter

Professional Fun Starter in action at Midsummer Carnival!

Dance workouts from film clips & movies

1 hour of power! Learn a dance routine in a safe fun environment with Professional Fun Starter, Danica Lani.


Do a live #dancebreak with Professional Fun Starter, Danica Lani where we put on a song and dance however we feel. Broadcast to 60K followers – watch as people join us live from all over the world. Promote your event or your brand. Break the ice at your event and feel the buzz as people talk and connect after this unique shared experience.

Lip Sync Match

Perfect for End of Year Team meetings, staff meetings, conferences, and other networking events. Let Professional Fun Starter, Danica Lani host and facilitate your own team lip sync match.

How it works:

  • Each person secretly submits the song they will lip sync to. Tell no-one!
  • At the event, Danica Lani will host the match with 2 contestants at a time.
  • Each round, one person is deemed the winner by popular vote.
  • By most popular vote one person is crowned winner of the Lip Sync Match!

Your Own Choreographed Dance

Performing at your friend’s birthday? Getting on stage and want to take your look to the next level?

Preparing your first wedding dance? Learn a choreographed dance especially tailored to you and your song of choice with choreographer and Professional Fun Starter, Danica Lani.


Create something really special: the ultimate surprise for your guests or fiancé or someone’s birthday. Learn a dance routine to your choice of music and perform it with friends and family or colleagues to your unsuspecting favourite person.

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