I’m in the mood for teasing. On my last trip to Melbourne, I met up with a photographer friend, Garth Ernstzen. Two years ago he started making a jacket that he’d asked me to model. Being someone who likes to create multiple intentions and fulfil on multiple outcomes, I asked him if he would also be willing to film a new dance routine I’ve been working on. He said yes!

When I first heard this song, it touched my soul immediately. Check out this next sentence: S’ra and I were in our uber and this song came on the radio so I reached for my iphone and shazam’d it then downloaded it straight away onto my itunes. I mean seriously, 10 years ago I would never have said that sentence. I digress.

Do you remember is by Brissie boy, Jarryd James. His voice is so soulful. I immediately wanted to choreograph movement and to create a lyrical style piece to his song. I’m super excited to be viewing the video edits for this at the moment with Garth.

And looking forward to sharing with you…



Females working as male models

Females working as male models

I never told anybody, but I wanted to be a model when I was 14. Here’s the photo I would have sent into Dolly magazine but I was stopped by my fear of what others would think. On my own, I didn’t get brave enough to send it in.

I love doing photo shoots. I had a break up with the camera for a long time in my early twenties – I couldn’t even be with a lens being pointed at me. The most empowering thing was to get behind the camera and learn to use it. My girlfriend had a great SLR camera and taught me the basics. I later moved on to disposable cameras and took a series of self-portraits while travelling around Australia.

Last year when I was in Thailand, I met a beautiful dark skinned man in his mid-60s from the US. He stopped mid track in the café I was sitting in and looked quizzically at me. “What are you?” he said, not unkindly. He was warm and curious. He said, “I can’t quite tell – in one moment you are beautiful and then in the next moment, you’re extremely handsome… Are you androgynous?”

I’d never really thought about it before. But I like it.

I just discovered there are females who do male modelling –

Casey Ledger the first woman to sign for an exclusively male modelling contract and Elliot Sailors who gets mistaken for a gay male couple when walking down the street with her husband…

Elliot Sailors and Adam Santos-Coy

These pioneering women are inspiring the bezeejus out of me!

Casey Legler










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