Raw Chocolate Blissful Reunion

Raw Chocolate Blissful Reunion

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My first chocolate after 1.5 years of no chocolate or cacao of any kind. #lifeaftersurgery

One of my Tantra teachers recommended that I not eat chocolate or cacao as it’s a stimulant and could have been contributing to the heavy bleeding I was experiencing. Frankly, I was willing to try anything.

Food: Do you have a big enough why?

Food: Do you have a big enough why?

Most of us need a ‘why’ big enough to eat consciously. Being present and giving thanks when eating are all valuable practices but it takes a big enough ‘why’ for most of us to stay true to our food choices.

I’ve been Paleo since 2010. How come? Our CrossFit trainer lent us the book, The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf and I read it. Highly engaging and entertaining, the man also backs up his theories with a lot of scientific evidence. When he recommended going paleo for 30 days, no grains, no dairy and no legumes, no processed sugar and see how you feel, I did and it worked. I felt clean. And light in a clear, good way. Interestingly a very similar way of eating was prescribed to me by my GP a few years earlier. So after 30 days, I just kept going and haven’t stopped for five years. Foods that I don’t eat, just don’t occur to me as food, treats or nourishing anymore. I look at a big sugary mud cake, and what I see is toxic – don’t put that in your body!

A friend of mine, in their self-confessed ‘unsolicited wisdom’, proffered the view that I might be a little too rigid in my food choices. I’ll be the first to admit my puritan tendencies. In fact, there is a now a new eating disorder for people obsessed with healthy eating called Orthorexia.  Gratefully I don’t suffer from any of the symptoms described. However, I considered my friend’s words and have been mulling them over. It occurs to me that when it comes to the matter of what food I put in my body, I am reliable for keeping my word. I do not stray. There are times on the rare occasion, where I will declare an exception for butter for example, when the person cooking for me has a passion for it. However, I made a commitment to no longer eat chocolate (raw, organic or cacao) due to the over-stimulating characteristics and the possible link to menorrhagia last year and not once have I ‘slipped up’, been taken by temptation or broken my word. In other areas of our lives, we call that level of commitment and honouring of one’s word, integrity.

It seems to help to have a big enough why. My body is not just my own. I’ve registered to be an organ donor so I intend to keep my organs as clear and clean as I can to pass onto the next human being. What’s a why that would be big enough for you?


* Roo burgers on raw cauliflower ‘rice’ #paleo #rawfood