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 Your Bespoke Yoga Program is personally tailored to resolve the out-of-alignments in your body and to increase the effectiveness of every physiological system of the body. Gaining clarity and peace of mind will positively impact your life both on the mat and off the mat. Your overall wellbeing and quality of life dramatically improves.

Living a life of increased vitality and wellbeing alters the way in which you relate to people. You may find yourself attracting new friends, new working relationships and opportunities. As you become integrated in yourself, your presence and charisma attracts others and as you align your body on the mat, your life aligns. You will be living a life that others want.

1. Set your Sankulpa (intention)

Sankulpa is a yoga term that means intention. It is the difference between being a leaf in the wind and powerfully setting an intended outcome for something you are committed to. People who set sankulpa’s tend to produce more results than those of us who drift through life. Think about a time in your life where you set an intention and committed to it. What difference did it make?

2.   Design an Accountability Structure

If you are like most human beings I know, myself included, unless I have some kind of structure in my life that holds me to account to doing what I say I’m committed to doing, then either I won’t do it, or I’ll continually not do it until I give up or it disappears. Have you ever known you were going to see someone to whom you said you’d do something and if it weren’t for the fact that you were seeing them tonight, you’d happily forget about that thing? Except that you know they’re going to ask you about that thing and you’d rather not face the embarrassment and discomfort of not having done it – again! So you just do it. That’s the kind of accountability structure I mean and we all need one.

3.  Implement a Home Practice

The Bespoke Yoga Program philosophy is that by rolling out your mat and showing up to your practice regularly you make a tangible difference to your wellbeing. As Sri. K. Pittabhi Jois declared, Do your practice and all is coming. Often we think we need to do an hour or hour and a half of full practice to get any benefit. Not only is this inaccurate, it doesn’t fit many of our lifestyles. 5 minutes of daily home practice is all that is required to alter the trajectory of where you are headed.

4.  Deal Powerfully with falling off the Horse

Wouldn’t it be great if we all lived our lives perfectly and never had to confront that stuff that doesn’t work about us or isn’t as powerful as we know we could be? In reality, what’s predictable is that at some point, we will fall off the horse. How we deal with this is where the juice lies – this is our golden opportunity to observe ourselves, to notice how we deal with the stuff of life and then to recommit and do something differently.

5. Acknowledge your Accomplishments

When we fail to acknowledge what we have accomplished, we drag those unacknowledged aspects of our lives with us into the next moment. Acknowledgement is our opportunity for growth and restoring ourselves to the state of being whole and complete.

Danica Lani offers Bespoke Yoga Programs in Pyrmont, NSW or via Skype.

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