I’m in the mood for teasing. On my last trip to Melbourne, I met up with a photographer friend, Garth Ernstzen. Two years ago he started making a jacket that he’d asked me to model. Being someone who likes to create multiple intentions and fulfil on multiple outcomes, I asked him if he would also be willing to film a new dance routine I’ve been working on. He said yes!

When I first heard this song, it touched my soul immediately. Check out this next sentence: S’ra and I were in our uber and this song came on the radio so I reached for my iphone and shazam’d it then downloaded it straight away onto my itunes. I mean seriously, 10 years ago I would never have said that sentence. I digress.

Do you remember is by Brissie boy, Jarryd James. His voice is so soulful. I immediately wanted to choreograph movement and to create a lyrical style piece to his song. I’m super excited to be viewing the video edits for this at the moment with Garth.

And looking forward to sharing with you…