Do you crave connectedness?

Do you crave connectedness?

I was talking with a new friend in Sydney recently. She acknowledged me for my openness when we first met. She said it was so refreshing to meet someone who she could connect with straight away (not like all those constrained Sydney people magnetised around looking good!)

Connectedness is what we crave. I wonder if ultimately it’s a fundamental want – that human beings want to experience being connected, and we mostly don’t. Or perhaps we do in moments. And, that mostly, we don’t have the access to getting what’s in the way, out of the way.

I love the movie Into the Wild, not only because of the haunting parallels to my own life, but also for the poignancy of the message – as Christopher adjusts to living in the wilderness, he finally gets that, in his words, “Happiness is only real when it’s shared.”

I loved living by myself in the bush. Surrounded by National Park on a stretch of river. When I think of those 3.5 years though, my fondest memories are actually those times with the friends and lovers who stayed or lived there. It’s almost like those times by myself, take more effort to make stick in my memory. I imagine those will be the moments, those moments of connectedness that I’ll remember on my death bed. Those experiences that will make up the rich tapestry of my life – when I was connected, present and completely real with another human being.