Chocolate or Vanilla

Chocolate or Vanilla

Have you ever gone on a miracle walk? A miracle walk has one purpose – to go walking and be open to miracles. It’s quite extraordinary what can open up. Of course the first step is to actually go walking. You don’t get the same miracles if you don’t go on the walk.

My dearest friend jazi was on one of these walks today. In Noosa. Well actually, pretty much all of her life is one big miracle walk. That’s just how she rolls. Here’s one of the miracles that showed up today after her car broke down amongst the luxurious beauty of Queensland. She did what any self -respecting woman would do in her situation. After taking care of business, she homes in on the nearest organic café. Not only did they have Co-Yo ice cream, they had two flavours. Chocolate or Vanilla. How often does life give you but one choice – the bank balance you have, the physical symptoms you have, the body you have right now, the family you have. In this instance, the universe serves up my friend with two choices: Chocolate or Vanilla. Choose. And you know what she said:

So of course, I chose both.

I love living in an AND world and discovering where you really can have it all.



Raw gourmet handmade with love chocolate by jazi