Wonderings on daily practices

Wonderings on daily practices

Practices keep me vital. So how does one choose which practices to do each day? I mean, if you’re anything like me, you could easily devote 3 hours a day just to do daily practices. From when I wake up in the morning, it’s time for yoga – asana, pranayama, making love, meditation, self-cultivation, chanting, purja, morning pages, vocal warm ups, physio/pilates exercises, oil swilling, uddiyana bandha, making the bed, kegals, diffuse an essential oil, multivitamins & iron and top it off with a green smoothie, let alone showering and brushing my teeth! And, if you’re anything like me, I don’t have 3 extra hours in the morning as well as getting sufficient sleep, vitamin D, remembering my posture and keeping present an empowering context for myself and my life.

Then there’s the daily promises I’ve made to not go to bed without having done. Practicing guitar, emptying my capture tool, singing and dancing daily for the next 3 years, return to sitting daily for the next 15 years and writing and publishing my blog every day for at least 30 days if not longer. Ready for a nap anyone? There’s another great practice – napping.

Fortunately/unfortunately, I am not superwoman and I do not get that all done in a day. And I’ve noticed that when I add a new practice in, something else has a tendency to fall out. Like one-pointed focus, I get fixated on my new practice and make sure I do it before going to bed. A few days later, I remember – oh! I haven’t been doing my other daily practice!

I’m curious about the practices that I could do for 3 years, or 15 years and the results they could bring. I wonder if noticing falling off the horse is just as important as returning to a practice.

How do you choose your practices?

Photo credit: Zara Albion-Lawson