This too shall pass

This too shall pass

I remember when I first realised that whatever experience of life I was having at the time it too would pass. I might have been cloud watching. That helps. Have you ever watched a cloud disappear? Evaporate right in front of your eyes?

Pain is like that. Pain passes. So does anger, sadness, jealousy and fear. Happiness seems to disappear also. I think I’d rather have permission to feel the full range of human emotions and learn to watch them like clouds rolling in and rolling out. As not me. My mentor Marjie says, wellbeing issues are arbitrary and capricious. She also creates the future for herself of All is Well and I’m happy. I can create that all is well. Happiness, even with the circumstances I’ve got? Well that’s something to develop myself in. Being happy no matter how much pain I’m in seems a stretch right now. However, I’m willing to develop myself and the first place to start is with everywhere where I’m not that.

Where would you be willing to develop yourself in being happy in the face of your circumstances being the way they are?




Collage by Danica Lani