Preparation for the Spark Festival

Preparation for the Spark Festival

I’ve been invited to lead 9 singing workshops over 3 days this week at the live-in Spark Festival! The whole thing ends with a concert (oh my god, where’s my costume?! Oh, that’s right, it’s not about me.) I’ve created a workshop called:

Sing your Heart Out

Your body is an orchestra with voice as the main instrument. Discover the joy of singing together as we use our bodies and voices to explore sound, rhythm and song. Enter the symphony of music: we will sing our hearts out with an uplifting modern song.

Each group will come in for 45 mins and participate in the workshop. On the third day, the participants get to go back to their favourite workshop and be in that group for the concert.

Did I mention the participants have an intellectual disability? Hardly seemed relevant and yet central and integral as the Spark Festival was developed in recognition of the barriers to participation for many adults with an intellectual disability in the Arts. Adrienne Coulter is the spark behind the Spark Festival – a woman with a big heart and committed to making a palpable and tangible difference.

See last year’s fun here: