On being a Professional Fun Starter…

On being a Professional Fun Starter…

A few posts ago, I shared about pretending to be committed to fundraising. Once free of that pretence, I began an inquiry – what kind of commitment could I create that would be worthy of my life? I created that people dance publicly.

The Silver Bullets came to life during this time. My business partner, Ali Shirley and I first met in the lululemon athletica store where I worked. I remember in one of our first conversations we discovered we’d both been to Deakin Rusden and studied Dance. Ali had a vision that people could be free to dance and express themselves in dance companies, no matter what age they were. That it wouldn’t matter if you were not 20 something trained dancer. I was like, hell yeah!

We did a couple of corporate gigs and pulled together a back up dancing routine in 80s lycra for the resplendent Drag King, Rocco D’Amore, and as momentum gained, we landed a full Winter Season on the infamous Melbourne Rooftop Bar teaching dance workouts from film clips and movies.

As you can see, being a Professional Fun Starter is well, a lot of fun. What made it exceptional however was working with the incredibly talented Ali and creating so much synergy, effervescence and a space where people could learn some new moves and be free to express themselves on the dance floor.

Photo credit: Michelle Dunn Photography