Let it Go

Let it Go

Letting go is terrifying. We all know the song from Frozen, ‘Let it go, Let it go…’ but when on the edge of the precipice, looking down, facing the wind and the snow, all my body wants to do is grip and grasp and hold on. My muscles tense, I get tingles, I sweat and my breathing becomes shallower.

It seems I have made myself redundant in a couple of areas in life. How? By empowering others to step up. And they are stepping up. And it’s awesome and what I created and have been working toward. It’s just that now I do have to let go of my previous accountabilities and hand them over to others. And letting go is terrifying.

Breath itself could be one of the most important and tangible accesses to actually letting go. Take a deep breath, unfurl your hand, open your palm to the universe and let it go.

Can I be with the spaciousness that letting go gives? Can I be with it and not just let it fill up with noise or the past, my default future or others’ demands on me?

What ways have you discovered to let go?

Let me know.




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