Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sundays

Those rare days when I have nothing scheduled, or a whole lot of nothing scheduled, and it’s all up for grabs. Then there’s an unexpected invitation – come down to the Landmark Center and invent a new possibility for yourself and your life. Ok then. Hell yeah!

I was working on the area of life called my fitness levels. They have decreased of late. Have I lost weight? Yes. It seems 3-4 days a month being in bed has led to losing muscle… I don’t have enough fat to lose. And since I’ve been working remotely, from home, there’s a stronger pull to live a sedentary life. It’s easy to stay at a desk all day and into the evening, on the computer. Completely contradictory to living the Paleo lifestyle that I’ve been doing since 2010. Being active is an important aspect of being Paleo – it’s not just a diet. It also includes quality of sleep (yes, that means no phones or computers in the bedroom and no LED lights).

So here I am, thinking, I used to be an athlete. I’m not now. And to be honest, I don’t really think I care about it anymore. Resigned anyone? What I discovered for myself today is that being inspirational has been missing for me in this area. Being inspirational doesn’t mean having it all together. In fact, most human stories that are inspirational are only so because the person has had to deal with setbacks and obstacles. It’s not inspiring when someone is born an Olympian and breezes through. What inspires us is overcoming adversity, dealing powerfully with setbacks and not getting stopped. What inspires us is getting back on the horse and everything that takes. I’m finding there’s much more space for compassion rather than an expectation that I should already be there.

Where have you gotten back on the horse?



Photo credit: Giovanni Lovisetto