Freedom to Play

Freedom to Play

I had this great conversation with a friend today at Wisdom Community Sunday. He shared when he first got that his relationship to money was a limit to his freedom to play. And in wanting the freedom to play in life, that could be the ‘why’ for him about money, the natural motivation for making money. You know, why money could matter or be important. I can get it. I live from a budget. My mum taught me how to make a budget and I got very good at managing money, tracking money and budgeting. It didn’t matter how much money it was, it was just that I focused on the budgeting of it. A new playground for me is in generating money. I just never focused on that and thought I really shouldn’t. I thought other people had that skill, not me. My friend had a mentor who said, write down how much money you think you could generate each day, then times it by 10. Why? Not so he could just chase more money, but when we declare something and live into that created future, it pulls us forward, we grow bigger and take different actions; we are compelled by a future that inspires us. Left to our own devices, we live into the default, predictable future that was probably going to happen anyway and is completely determined by our past. Whatever I think is possible for me right now, is not what’s actually possible. It’s what my past tells me is possible.

What if money were a gift that gives us the freedom to play in life?


Photo: Buddha’s birthday lanterns in Seoul (Danica Lani)

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