Day 29…

Day 29…

I have been blogging for 29 days. My Creative Director, Garth Ernstzen gave me a challenge to blog for 30 days. The breakthrough for me to have was in being fearless and sharing myself with you. On day one, my hand was shaky and my palms sweaty as I counted myself in: 1, 2, 3 Post! Although it’s unlikely I’ll stop after day 30 (very similar to how I became paleo – did 30 days, didn’t stop and now it’s 5 and a half years later!), I’ve certainly gone through some spaces in the last week. At the beginning, once I’d started, things began to flow. Now as I’m approaching a milestone, the effort and resistance kicks in.

I remember when I discovered for myself that human beings tend to resist completion. I turned up once a week like clockwork over 3 months for my first Assisting agreement at Landmark and then on the last day, I literally couldn’t get out the door. I missed one train, then another train went by… It was like I was in a battle with myself and I didn’t win! I went back inside. Terry Sweeney was the person I assisted with – he called me and had an incredible conversation with me where I discovered that all that had been going on was my own resistance to finishing something. Almost like I had to leave it incomplete to prove myself a failure – just another thing I didn’t ever finish in life. So I went back and did my last agreed time and wrote a different future for myself.

Now I notice my resistance and I’ve started noticing where I normally stop in life, and I’m curious to see what happens when I just keep going…


  • Arowe on Oct 08, 2015

    love every thing you have said I encourage you to do more writing
    then video blogs
    the pod casts
    then show bags
    then private voice mails.

    I made a little joke, but what I mean is…
    your unique and important and you have a beautiful heart and the world needs your love wisdom and self expression.
    shine on xoxox

    • Danica Lani on Oct 09, 2015

      tee hee!! Thanks for your encouragement Arowe <3