Body Electric: The dance phenomenon

Body Electric: The dance phenomenon

Body Electric is an underground dance phenomenon in Melbourne created by choreographer Jade Duffy. After graduating from VCA Dance, Jade started teaching her friends jazz dance routines to 80s music. They made costumes and put on performances for their friends and family. As far as I can tell, Body Electric has always attracted show ponies. What I loved about these concerts is seeing adults who are not trained in dance, being fully self-expressed through dance and costume.

I was introduced to Body Electric by dancer, Alison Shirley who got me a limited ticket into the exclusive 400-person sold out Thornbury Theatre Concert. The dance that got me and won my heart was Wuthering Heights where 20 or so dancers ran onto stage – the women in white flowing nighties, the men impeccably dressed in period costumes looking dashingly handsome. As the music started and Kate Bush started singing, I watched these people moving and I was moved – to tears. It was raw, authentic and beautiful.

Several years later, Body Electric Concerts had expanded to sell-out crowds of about 1500 filling the Palace on Bourke St. Eleven dance groups performed and then the whole thing turned into a dance party with the dancers and the audience. Genius.

Jade continues to expand her business making dance available for adults of all persuasions.

See if you can spot me in this video of Sexy and I Know It, the tongue-in-check poke at our inner Hipster.

Hint **shiny gold sequined underwear**